Friday, December 16, 2011

My smile in the evening

Yesterday vistlip was having a special program at nico nico. The Indonesian fans were going crazy, including me XD I wasn't sure that I would be able to watched it. But, Heaven was being so kind to me. I manage to watched half of the show! ^O^

The first one was showing Hakuei. Sorry but I really don't know who is he :D
At this point the connection was going sooooooo slow that the picture doesn't changed at all orz
I've already giving up to watched the exactly 5.30 pm, the connection getting fast and there they were!!! The five boys! The Five Barkin's Animals!!

They were looking awesome (for my eyes of course).
Their style was quite simple.
I love Tohya's knitted hat. It's so cute! (^w^)
I love Tomo's hat.
Seeing Rui with hooded reminds me of "little red riding hood". But for him of course will become LITTLE BLACK RIDING HOOD. He's looking so sweet~~~
Yuh was looking usual (XP)
And Umi-nii...he's also looking usual but! I thought he was wearing a shirt. It's actually a jacket, and when he zipper it down I get blushing, "Kyaaaaaaaa!! Don't you lower it more than that!!" What the hell I was thinking? (XD).

Though I don't understand what they were talking the whole show, but I really enjoy it. I was laughing happily with them. I was smiling looking at them. Every single of them. It was tough (^^). Of course my main focus was on Umi-nii, but the other were just hard to neglect (XD).

I was being a good fan girl. I was shaking and my heart beats faster and seemed going to explode at any second (XP). Liking them really bring many colors and feelings to me (X3). I feel so fresh!!

At the show, Tomo was busy making signs to the camera, peace and love signs. He was also giving away kisses. Tohya followed him and making peace signs too. Tohya also blowing his kisses to the camera. Yuh was still and looking serious, though at some point he's the one who had the loudest laugh. Rui was calm and still paying attention to the talking. He was sitting a bit far from the mic, that made the vj had to told him to move forward at the introduction session. And Rui was always keeping his way when he was asked to talk. He always started with, "etto....". Everyone was laughing and so do I (XD).

And Umi-nii...what can I say about him? I think his existence has getting bigger and bigger for me. I just can't put my eyes away from him (X3). He's looking awesome! Though he was doing something gross, but he still looking awesome and funny for me. He dig his nose and throw "it" to the camera. He's faking of course (X3).

It felt good to watched them talking live like that. It felt that there's no such thing of distance and language difference. A friend who saw me watching me asked either I understand the words written or language being used. I said no, and she thought how very strange of me for kept watching the show. Well for me, it's not important that I understand or not. I like them. That's enough and that's what important for me. Being a fans not always can be understandable (XP).

Yes. I do like them. I love them.
Who won't?

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