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L'Arc~en~Ciel live viewing in Jakarta (December 3rd, 2011)

At last I was able to go to the 1st Jakarta’s L’Arc~en~Ciel live viewing 20th anniversary concert. I said the first because there still second and third live viewing on December 10th and 11th. For the note, Indonesia is the only country who held 3 times live viewing. Sugoi ne~~~

The December 3rd show was actually intended to be held on November 26th. But due to “technical problems”, it get suspend to December 3rd. I was lucky I still can change the date and through long process, I finally succeed to serve two tickets for me and Ni-chan.

When I was going to meeting point with Ni-chan, an incident happened inside the public car. A woman was losing her two cell phones. It seemed that one of the passengers has stolen the phones. But, it was already late. He has got off from the car. And I remember I was smiling to the guy when he offered me a seat next to him, which I refused. I should’ve known that peculiar happenings aren’t stopping there.  

Ni-chan trusted me with the route to the theater. It’s a hard trust since I’ve always been dependable to other people with directions (^^), and this time it was one way another. I’ve asked people for the route and get the best one from my sister. We’ll go by train and then took a taxi to the theater. It sounds easy? Yes, actually it is, except when there’s trouble with the train. The train was late!! I was worried we’ll get late for the live viewing. We leaved the train station at 2 pm and arrived at 3 pm at Cawang Station. We quickly stopped a taxi since we don’t know how far the theater from the station. Traffic jam just made me more nervous until I finally can breathe a relief when we arrived at the theater at 3.30 pm; along the way, the taxi driver was talking and cursing about the cars, the traffic light, and the police. I was being a good listener (X3).  

We quickly went to the theater and found there aren’t much people around the ticket’s booth. It seemed I’ve worried too much (as always ^^;). After getting the ticket, we’re going to take Ashar prayer and look for lunch. It was a very late lunch (for me), and maybe because I was too hungry or too relief that we safely arrived at the theater, I bumped into a branch and scar my arm. It gets bleed (and as a vampire I quickly thought, “What a beautiful color” XD).

We decided to go for eat at the café near the theater. There many people passing through; we assumed they were also there for the live viewing. We order spaghetti and a soft drink. 

While waiting for the order, I took some pictures. First one was…Ni-chan! 

Actually this is the first time I met her! We’ve known each other for maybe 2 years, and all those time we only talked via chat and short messages. We’ve never meet face to face. I hope Ni-chan isn’t feeling surprised to meet the real (weird) me (:D)

The second picture was the cute…panda!! (XD). Nii-san’s panda!! I’ve said I would wear it, hopefully some people would eventually recognize the panda (X3).

The third picture was this shoes I’ve spotted. I assumed it’s the boy’s faces printed at the front of the shoe. I told Ni-chan that I won’t ever wore that kind of shoe. I don’t have the heart to stamp on their faces (XD).

Not long after we finished eating, the calling for the live viewing was sound. We went to the door. Many people were also coming inside the theater, and I saw this guy who’s dressing as hyde from Driver’s High time, spiky hair hyde. He’s quite cool (until he gets to talk XD).   
Our seat was on row J 24-25. It’s quite good seat. Not too above and not too below. The show was started with the documentary of L’Arc~en~Ciel Indonesia’s (Indonesian group) activities. Pictures were showing on the screen, and I admit I’m impressed with them. They’ve worked hard to show their love for L’Arc~en~Ciel by doing many gatherings. I’ve also reserved the live viewing ticket from them.

After a movie commercial, the show was finally started, the 20th anniversary concert at Ajinomoto Stadium. I’m so amazed to see lots of people attending the concert! It’s so damn many!! I feel proud to be their fans! And I also soon feel amazed as a black limousine enters the stadium and come out Leader-sama, Lion-chan, Android-kun (I screamed and clapped XP), and the princess…He gets the most screamed from the live viewing viewers.

I won’t wrote about the song’s list at the concert, the whole world already know it.   From the first song until the last, I was moved along with the music, singing the song, and shaking with princess (XD). I’ve spotted tet-chan throwing kiss to the screen. Hoe???? Since when he does that? Since when princess has influenced him??? (XDD). And I also spotted tet-chan twice sneaking watched over princess! Ah…secret love is always interesting to see (XP). I was clapping until my hands feel hurt. I was singing and shouting until my throat soar. I clapped along with Link. I hit the chair’s arm as yukkie hitting the drums. I blow a kiss as hyde does (XP). I raised my hands when singing Driver’s High, and almost get a tear when hyde sang bless. It’s so beautiful!! I was feeling so damn excited and happy!! Though I can’t sing all the songs, but my body remembers the music and move along for the whole show. It’s so amazing!!! And hyde, you’ve won! I won’t object about your snake or penguin’s dance. You can dance the way you like! You’ve won!! (X3).

Before we left the theater, there’s an extra show, L’Arc~en~Ciel’s original CDs give away. A guy from L’Arc~en~Ciel Indonesia and the one that dressing as hyde went up to the stage. And that’s the time I think he better be still than talking (XD). VJ Daniel was getting the honor to draw 2 lucky coupons. First draw he said for the people at seat J!! It was us!! And the lucky one was… J 23!! What the hell?? That’s beside Ni-chan!!! Sorry Ni-chan, I think I was being a jinx for you. I never succeed with quizzes, and this time it’s her who gets the effect (:D).    

After the whole show ended, it’s for the first time that I don’t feel worry of getting home late. I was still feeling happy and excited. We left the theater on 8 pm, and took a taxi to the train station. At the taxi, again the driver was talking and moaning. Gosh it’s a different taxi, it’s a different driver, but I get the same experienced (XD). I get depart with Ni-chan at Depok Baru Station. I reached home at 9.30 pm. Not so late. It’s actually my usual time getting home from work (XD).

Until now, I still can feel the excitement of the show! It’s so exciting! The boys are also amazing! Awesome!! I’m happy I’m their fans. If someone records me that night, maybe I’ll get embarrassed watching it again since I wasn’t care with my surroundings and keep enjoying the show with my own way. I’m singing and shakes that also made my seat shaking. I guess the whole row can feel the shake (XD). It’s the first time I feel I can release and doesn’t hesitant to show my feeling. I don’t care. I just want to get crazy and enjoy the beauty in front of me (not only you, hyde XP).        

At the stage VJ Daniel said, “A dream from one people is called a dream, but a dream of thousand people is called reality. We’ll bring L’Arc~en~Ciel to Indonesia! Amen!!” and I shout amen too!! Today was the live viewing, and hopefully next year will be the live concert!! Amen!! Wasshoi!! Good luck our way!! ^O^  

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