Friday, December 23, 2011

A year ago

A year ago shocking news came.

Kimi has lost his father.

It's a sudden news. No further information about the caused of the death. The family just want it to be private.
I can understand that. Because I was having the same feeling. I was feeling so sad as if as one of my importan person has gone.

Without the support from his father, Kimi won't ever be like now.
Without his father, Kimi won't become the person that I love so much like now. In fact, I won't ever know him in my life.

Dear our dad,
Dear Matti,
It won't be enough to say words of gratitude. Even so, thank you. Thank you so much for everything you've done. You won't ever be forget. You will always be remember. You will always be miss. You will always be love.
Please, keep watching Kimi from up there.

The Reason

The question aroused sometimes ago. And being a stupid, I can’t answer it correctly. I just said that I like it without any further explanations. And it doesn’t stop there.

Friend: “Why do you like Japanese music?”
Me: “I just like it,”
Friend: “Then you also like Korean music?”  
Me: “No, I don’t,”
Friend: “Why? Isn’t the same?”
Me: “Of course not. It’s different,”
Friend: “What’s the difference?”
Me: *thinking* “Well, they are different,”

orz… great answer KiRai-kun…

Once a friend also spot me when I was watching vistlip show at nico nico. She saw me laughing.

Friend: “Do you understand the words written there?” *points at the computer screen*
Me: “No,”
Friend: “Do you understand what they are saying?”
Me: “No,”
Friend: “Then why are you watching and laughing when you don’t know what they’re saying?”
Me: “It’s just fun to see them,”
Friend: “You’re weird”

orz… I know I’m a weird person, but somehow being told directly like that quite gave me a bit shocked (:D).

Sunday, December 18, 2011

vistlip: ORDER MADE – personal review

On December 14th, 2011, vistlip has released their 2nd album, ORDER MADE. I’ve order the vister version with a DVD as a bonus. The vister version consists of 16 tracks, with 4 instrumental songs and 12 songs track. And the DVD bonus consists of 3 videos: music video, music video actorless version, and a making of. I’ve been playing the CD over and over now, and haven’t got bored of it. I won’t ever get bored. What can I say? I love them more and more now.

As always, this is my personal review of the album, so it’s surely has a lot of my subjective point of view (^^).

  1. chapter: GEAR
It’s the opening track of the album. It’s a short instrumental and Tohya is the one who composed the track. The track uses the sound of clock ticking and heart beating which I think gave dramatic feeling when listen to it. As if I’m waiting for something. I bet they would use it as the opening theme on their lives, just like the one on Gather to the Theater.

  1. the wonderland from LAB.
Tohya composed the song and I admit I was so surprised he can compose such rocking and head banging song like this! The songs starts with some kind of electronically sounds along with heavy rocking guitar playing and a long scream before Tomo’s voice came out. My guess the one who scream and played the guitar is Umi-nii (^^). All the way I can hear Umi-nii’s rocking playing and his scream! I love the sound of it! I love the sound of the music! It’s a perfect one for live performance. I want to see this song being performed live. It will be a rocking and head banging one!

  1. android’s dream
Tohya composed the song again. It’s a light and catchy music, along with his light drumming play. Tomo’s voice also feels a bit light. I guess it’s to suit the condition of “dream”.

  1. RETRO
Music is composed by Tohya, and the music isn’t that different with android’s dream. Actually the both are quite similar (^^), but RETRO is a bit faster, cheerful, with up and down guitar playing. It will be fun to hear it during live.

Friday, December 16, 2011

My smile in the evening

Yesterday vistlip was having a special program at nico nico. The Indonesian fans were going crazy, including me XD I wasn't sure that I would be able to watched it. But, Heaven was being so kind to me. I manage to watched half of the show! ^O^

The first one was showing Hakuei. Sorry but I really don't know who is he :D
At this point the connection was going sooooooo slow that the picture doesn't changed at all orz
I've already giving up to watched the exactly 5.30 pm, the connection getting fast and there they were!!! The five boys! The Five Barkin's Animals!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Back Fetish

Once I said that I have a back fetish. But, it's not just anyone's back. Obviously I have to like (or interact with) the person before I like his back XD
And so finally I've found pictures that shown Umi's back!
My gratitude for Tohya who has taken and put the pictures at his blog. You're a good stalker, Tohya! X3

That back, somehow I feel it warm and giving sense of "older brother" *jumps out to his back* X3

Monday, December 05, 2011

L'Arc~en~Ciel live viewing in Jakarta (December 3rd, 2011)

At last I was able to go to the 1st Jakarta’s L’Arc~en~Ciel live viewing 20th anniversary concert. I said the first because there still second and third live viewing on December 10th and 11th. For the note, Indonesia is the only country who held 3 times live viewing. Sugoi ne~~~

The December 3rd show was actually intended to be held on November 26th. But due to “technical problems”, it get suspend to December 3rd. I was lucky I still can change the date and through long process, I finally succeed to serve two tickets for me and Ni-chan.

When I was going to meeting point with Ni-chan, an incident happened inside the public car. A woman was losing her two cell phones. It seemed that one of the passengers has stolen the phones. But, it was already late. He has got off from the car. And I remember I was smiling to the guy when he offered me a seat next to him, which I refused. I should’ve known that peculiar happenings aren’t stopping there.  

Ni-chan trusted me with the route to the theater. It’s a hard trust since I’ve always been dependable to other people with directions (^^), and this time it was one way another. I’ve asked people for the route and get the best one from my sister. We’ll go by train and then took a taxi to the theater. It sounds easy? Yes, actually it is, except when there’s trouble with the train. The train was late!! I was worried we’ll get late for the live viewing. We leaved the train station at 2 pm and arrived at 3 pm at Cawang Station. We quickly stopped a taxi since we don’t know how far the theater from the station. Traffic jam just made me more nervous until I finally can breathe a relief when we arrived at the theater at 3.30 pm; along the way, the taxi driver was talking and cursing about the cars, the traffic light, and the police. I was being a good listener (X3).  

We quickly went to the theater and found there aren’t much people around the ticket’s booth. It seemed I’ve worried too much (as always ^^;). After getting the ticket, we’re going to take Ashar prayer and look for lunch. It was a very late lunch (for me), and maybe because I was too hungry or too relief that we safely arrived at the theater, I bumped into a branch and scar my arm. It gets bleed (and as a vampire I quickly thought, “What a beautiful color” XD).