Saturday, November 26, 2011

vistlip: ORDER MADE covers + song list

The days has slowly passed. The time has slowly ticking.
I'm counting the days. I'm counting the time.
To the sacred date: December 14th, 2011. The day vistlip 2nd album will be release. ORDER MADE.

And here are the amazing covers. Design by my one and only, Umi-nii (X3)

[CD only]

[CD + DVD]
Bonus: video clip, video clip actorless version, making. 

[CD + 36 pages booklet]
Bonus track: BLACK-TAIL [Re:birth], 36 pages illustrations. 

The song's list:

M1. chapter: GEAR
M2. the wonderland from LAB.
M3. android's dream
M5. closed auction
M7. entrance of NIGHT PARADE
M8. milk&macaron
M10. Evil Rider
M11. exit of I am...
M12. Drama Queen
M15. Hameln
M16. chapter: END

16 SONGS! 16 SONGS! Wasshoi!! ^O^

I have the feeling that the first and last track is only instrumental like the ones at Theater album. And maybe this time Tohya also composed the music.
They also include STRAWBERRY BUTTERFLY (the song that made me fall in love with them), SINDRA (their revival song), and Hameln (their 3rd anniversary theme).
Why they put ORDER MADE almost in tthe last?? If I want to listen to it, I would have to switch far back! (XD).

I wonder if "exit of I am..." is the live distributed single? Doubt it though....
The songs title are also unique and funny: "Android's dream"?? Do they talk about Android-kun?? (X3). And I also feel that some of the songs are composed by Umi. Just a hunch though, from reading the song title (XD).

And~~~ the excitement doesn't stop there!!
When I know the list of the songs and the bonus for the limited edition, I get freaked out!! Why?
Because for the [CD + Booklet] type they add a bonus track!! BLACK-TAIL [Re:birth].

WHAT THE FUCK??? I love the song! And they make a rebirth version??? *crying*
On the same type also they will include some kind of illustrations? I can't understand the Japanese words, maybe it mean the booklet? But all I know....every time I read the word "design" or "illustration", my mind would quickly think of Umi-nii. And it's true....not only the album's covers but the illustrations on the bonus are made by Umi.... I feel so happy and proud, but also sad... I'm not buying that type, so I won't get Umi's illustrations... orz *hopefully other fans would kindly scan it XP*

I've order the [CD + DVD] type. Why? I know I don't have the proper player, but all this time I always like 3D than 2D look (XP). And I know how hilarious they'll be in a video making. That's my main reason to order the type, to watch them moving, walking, and talking (especially Umi-nii X3).

Anyway the bonus for the type are: video clip, video with actorless version, and making video.
I was so freaked out with the CD limited edition bonus that I thought the "video actorless version" meant that there will be no one at the video. There would only be the music, some kind like "hydeless version" on L'Arc~en~Ciel, only music and no one singing.
After I'm cooling down, I think about it again...maybe it meant the video without the kid and his grandpa. The video would only consist of the band. If it's true then bless them to make such clever bonus!!! It makes my feeling become a bit better for can't have Umi's illustrations (XP). Though it would be a lot better if the video is "only Umi" version (XDDDD).

Then again...this only my own assumptions. Don't take it too seriously. This is an assumption from a crazy, stupid, and hysterical fans (X3).
To know either I'm right or wrong, we can only wait for the release date. It will be a long waiting... TwT

End: Bravo guys! Bravo! You successfully make me wanting to have the 2 version. The first time ever!! But, sorry I don't have enough money to buy it all (:D). Still, you are so damn fudging great!!

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