Wednesday, November 23, 2011

vistlip new look!!

Since yesterday my heart has been forced to beat faster because of a just few seconds of vistlip new PV. Today, it beats even faster because of a few minutes of the PV preview and also this...

[hold my breath...Umi-nii look so fudging awesome!!!!]

Aren't they looking so fudging awesome??? You should see the video preview here. The music is touching. The video is touching! And I think this is the first time they use a model for the pv. Usually they only show their own faces, which I enjoy it so much XD

I wonder who compose the song? My guess is Yuh. Since he's having the same look when July VIIth [Re:Birth] being played at live stage X3

Ah~~~ I can't wait to see the full PV. I can't wait for the releasing date~~~ December 14th, 2011 will be a sacred date for me! Wasshoi!!

Also...Tomo has finally update his blog! The missing boy has return! *I hope*.
It seems that Tomo has working so hard for the album finishing. I'm so proud of him. Thank you, Tomo! Thank you so much!! Otsukaresama deshita~~~~ *hugs him*

Every single of you! Let's walk to the bright future together!!

[picture credits goes to LJ Group].

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