Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November Bash!!

I know it's late...but! It's never too late to celebrate a happy events: the birthday of two of my favorite boys!! XD

First one on November 24th, it's yukihiro-sama birthday~~~ Happy birthday yukkie-kun!!
Hope he's having a great day. Hope he celebrate his birthday with a smile and laughter, surround by his friends, also showered with love and care X3
I wish him a long and happy life with success and joy. May he will always be happy and smiling. May he stay healthy and can finally eat well. Not too many like the princess, but just enough will be nice XP

Then on November 28th, the birthday of the most ecchi person I know (beside Yasu), Ken-chan birthday~~~ Omedetou Lion~~~~
I bet Ken-chan is having  a great birthday. I won't doubt it XD
I wish Ken-chan a long and happy life. May he reduce (or permanently stop) his smoking. May he always smiling and enjoy the music he's done. And may he stays ecchi!! It isn't Ken-chan if he's not being ecchi! XDD

Happy birthday, guys!! Everyone know how old are you, so I won't say it. It's just, the older your age, the more you're looking awesome and mature XD

Love you!



Linda Tandayu said...

ngg.. darling..
i think you've mistaken the birth month.. i believe its supposed to be november what you meant, not december.. ^^

KiRaidesu said...

Fixed it! XD
I don't know what gets into me for mistaken about the month XD
Thank you so much for the corrections <3