Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Rui!

Today I'm feeling so excited. Because today is vistlip's bassist birthday. It's Rui's birthday!


What I like from Rui:
  1. His beautiful, gentle, and sweet smile.
  2. His beautiful face (^^)
  3. His funny voice
  4. His style
  5. The way he enjoys himself on stage by singing and moving along with the song
  6. And mostly I like seeing him goes blank when the others were talking XDDD 
I'm wishing Rui to have a great birth day. He has posted about his birthday on his amebla blog. He seems very happy receiving many emails and birthday messages. I'm happy Rui gets so many love :) 

May Rui always live happily. May he always be healthy. May his dreams become true. May he gets what he wants. May he always keep smiling. May he stays beautiful :) 

Happy birthday, Rui. As time goes by, I hope your daydreaming habit could reduce a bit. Though it's one thing that I also like from you XP  

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