Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Come and Go

For the past couple of days, some co-workers has been resigning from the job. The reasons were different for each of them. But, I think everything still connected by one: choices. They choose to resign no matter what caused them to made the choices.

One night, while I was riding home with my brother. I seen the people on the street and the question of age came (again) to me. I've forget how old I am and had to count it again (XD). And when the number came made me thinking about my...future.

Where will I be few years from now? Will I still be working at my office? What would happen to me? What would become of me? What would become of my life?

The thoughts lead to worries and fear. Though I know I would quickly forget it and remember it later (XP).

Once I've also been thinking to go to dad's hometown and take care our inherited land there. We have a land that has been planted with Salak fruits. The Salak's taste aren't the same like the one from from my uncle's land. Ours were bitter. Then I have the thinking to replant the land again, either with a better plants or maybe having new plants there, whatever...I just want to work the land!! It seems fun, it seems exciting, it seems challenging, it seems FREE! Yeah, that's for sure...I'll be feeling free. Free to do what I like, free to think what I want, free to feel, free to decide, free from pressure and obligations, free from responsibility.

Am I just want to run away from the life I've been living?
Will my time come? My time to "come and go"?


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