Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blood Alone (manga)

Blood Alone is a manga title by Masayuki Takano. So far 2 volumes has been release in Indonesia by Level Comics.

The story tells of a writer name Kuroe who lives with a little girl who is also a vampire, Misaki. The story how the two can live together is still a mystery, along with Kuroe real identity; he’s not an ordinary writer, and no writer can fight demon and vampires with bare hand; and also how Misaki can be a vampire. I guess as the volume continues, the mystery will be revealing, as always ^^

I’ve read the review on Wikipedia. And I’m too lazy to write it so here’s the link ^^

The progress of the story seems will be interesting, though I really dislike many sides love! And it’s hiatus on volume 7?? Great….  

Anyway, what I like from the manga? It’s not about the vampire story or either the mystery within…but because the relationship of Kuroe (an adult) and Misaki (a 10 years old vampire). It’s a Lolita’s love? X3 *slapped*. Seeing the two also reminds me of Haruka and Mamoru from Until Death Do Us Apart. That’s the main reason why I buying the series, different age love XDD

Well, Misaki is luckier since Kuroe seems to have the same feeling towards her. And Misaki is also quite aggressive with Kuroe. She once asked for a hug as a reward for giving Kuroe a Valentine’s chocolate…WTH? XDD

While in the other hand, Haruka has to fight for her feeling (beside her life) since Mamoru always think about fighting. I don’t know will there be real love between them, though Haruka has mentioned that Mamoru is her future husband X3 Ganbatte Haruka-chan! X3

Here's the manga's cover that make me like it X3 

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