Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November Bash!!

I know it's late...but! It's never too late to celebrate a happy events: the birthday of two of my favorite boys!! XD

First one on November 24th, it's yukihiro-sama birthday~~~ Happy birthday yukkie-kun!!
Hope he's having a great day. Hope he celebrate his birthday with a smile and laughter, surround by his friends, also showered with love and care X3
I wish him a long and happy life with success and joy. May he will always be happy and smiling. May he stay healthy and can finally eat well. Not too many like the princess, but just enough will be nice XP

Then on November 28th, the birthday of the most ecchi person I know (beside Yasu), Ken-chan birthday~~~ Omedetou Lion~~~~
I bet Ken-chan is having  a great birthday. I won't doubt it XD
I wish Ken-chan a long and happy life. May he reduce (or permanently stop) his smoking. May he always smiling and enjoy the music he's done. And may he stays ecchi!! It isn't Ken-chan if he's not being ecchi! XDD

Happy birthday, guys!! Everyone know how old are you, so I won't say it. It's just, the older your age, the more you're looking awesome and mature XD

Love you!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

vistlip: ORDER MADE covers + song list

The days has slowly passed. The time has slowly ticking.
I'm counting the days. I'm counting the time.
To the sacred date: December 14th, 2011. The day vistlip 2nd album will be release. ORDER MADE.

And here are the amazing covers. Design by my one and only, Umi-nii (X3)

[CD only]

[CD + DVD]
Bonus: video clip, video clip actorless version, making. 

[CD + 36 pages booklet]
Bonus track: BLACK-TAIL [Re:birth], 36 pages illustrations. 

The song's list:

M1. chapter: GEAR
M2. the wonderland from LAB.
M3. android's dream
M5. closed auction
M7. entrance of NIGHT PARADE
M8. milk&macaron
M10. Evil Rider
M11. exit of I am...
M12. Drama Queen
M15. Hameln
M16. chapter: END

16 SONGS! 16 SONGS! Wasshoi!! ^O^

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

vistlip new look!!

Since yesterday my heart has been forced to beat faster because of a just few seconds of vistlip new PV. Today, it beats even faster because of a few minutes of the PV preview and also this...

[hold my breath...Umi-nii look so fudging awesome!!!!]

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blood Alone (manga)

Blood Alone is a manga title by Masayuki Takano. So far 2 volumes has been release in Indonesia by Level Comics.

The story tells of a writer name Kuroe who lives with a little girl who is also a vampire, Misaki. The story how the two can live together is still a mystery, along with Kuroe real identity; he’s not an ordinary writer, and no writer can fight demon and vampires with bare hand; and also how Misaki can be a vampire. I guess as the volume continues, the mystery will be revealing, as always ^^

I’ve read the review on Wikipedia. And I’m too lazy to write it so here’s the link ^^

The progress of the story seems will be interesting, though I really dislike many sides love! And it’s hiatus on volume 7?? Great….  

Anyway, what I like from the manga? It’s not about the vampire story or either the mystery within…but because the relationship of Kuroe (an adult) and Misaki (a 10 years old vampire). It’s a Lolita’s love? X3 *slapped*. Seeing the two also reminds me of Haruka and Mamoru from Until Death Do Us Apart. That’s the main reason why I buying the series, different age love XDD

Well, Misaki is luckier since Kuroe seems to have the same feeling towards her. And Misaki is also quite aggressive with Kuroe. She once asked for a hug as a reward for giving Kuroe a Valentine’s chocolate…WTH? XDD

While in the other hand, Haruka has to fight for her feeling (beside her life) since Mamoru always think about fighting. I don’t know will there be real love between them, though Haruka has mentioned that Mamoru is her future husband X3 Ganbatte Haruka-chan! X3

Here's the manga's cover that make me like it X3 

Thursday, November 17, 2011


When I was about to go home, a friend said to me.

Friend: "You look different,"
Me: "Why?"
Friend: "You look more...shine,"
Me: "Hah?"

How can I shine when I was tired both mentally and physically?
How can I shine when I was feeling stressed?
How can I shine when I have many things inside my head?

Then I realize what I was doing before I meet up with the friend.
I was watching video of... vistlip.

I was laughing with the video, smiling and feeling excited. I still smiling  with the five of them inside my mind.

Looking at their picture can make me smile. Watching their video can make me laugh. Thinking of them can make me happy.

They are awesome.
They are so shining.
I love them.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Rui!

Today I'm feeling so excited. Because today is vistlip's bassist birthday. It's Rui's birthday!


What I like from Rui:
  1. His beautiful, gentle, and sweet smile.
  2. His beautiful face (^^)
  3. His funny voice
  4. His style
  5. The way he enjoys himself on stage by singing and moving along with the song
  6. And mostly I like seeing him goes blank when the others were talking XDDD 
I'm wishing Rui to have a great birth day. He has posted about his birthday on his amebla blog. He seems very happy receiving many emails and birthday messages. I'm happy Rui gets so many love :) 

May Rui always live happily. May he always be healthy. May his dreams become true. May he gets what he wants. May he always keep smiling. May he stays beautiful :) 

Happy birthday, Rui. As time goes by, I hope your daydreaming habit could reduce a bit. Though it's one thing that I also like from you XP  

Sunday, November 06, 2011

The ordinary me

I've just found out that a friend currently is studying in Russia. I've known since long time, that when the friend had something she wanted, she will do anything and worked hard to get it. Going to Russia is one of her dreams, and now she's not only going there but she's living there. I got a feeling that she won't go back here if she can ^^

I'm feeling happy for her accomplish. I'm very happy she can make her dream become true. I'm happy and very proud of her.

I can't lie that I was also envy with her. All this time I only said that I wanted to do this and that, but I never really worked it out. I do many thinking instead that lead me nowhere. I never done what she has done. I never done anything to make my dreams come true. That's why I think myself so lame.....

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Come and Go

For the past couple of days, some co-workers has been resigning from the job. The reasons were different for each of them. But, I think everything still connected by one: choices. They choose to resign no matter what caused them to made the choices.

One night, while I was riding home with my brother. I seen the people on the street and the question of age came (again) to me. I've forget how old I am and had to count it again (XD). And when the number came out...it made me thinking about my...future.

Where will I be few years from now? Will I still be working at my office? What would happen to me? What would become of me? What would become of my life?

The thoughts lead to worries and fear. Though I know I would quickly forget it and remember it later (XP).

Once I've also been thinking to go to dad's hometown and take care our inherited land there. We have a land that has been planted with Salak fruits. The Salak's taste aren't the same like the one from from my uncle's land. Ours were bitter. Then I have the thinking to replant the land again, either with a better plants or maybe having new plants there, whatever...I just want to work the land!! It seems fun, it seems exciting, it seems challenging, it seems FREE! Yeah, that's for sure...I'll be feeling free. Free to do what I like, free to think what I want, free to feel, free to decide, free from pressure and obligations, free from responsibility.

Am I just want to run away from the life I've been living?
Will my time come? My time to "come and go"?