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[vistlip – (my) Revelation Space review]

Warning: this post contains very obvious fan girling. Please, spare me ^^v 

On October 19th, 2011, Vistlip has release their final live DVD at Zepp Tokyo (on July 7th, 2011). One thing I love from vistlip is their live performance. It’s because of watching their live performance that makes me getting so deep with them. And that’s why I've encourage myself to purchase the Revelation Space DVD though I don’t really have the proper player to put it on (XP).    

The DVD came just in time when I was missing them so bad (actually I’ve miss them every day). It feels so damn good to see them, to see their live. I want to see their live for real… Umi-nii’s saying to come to Tokyo and see them has added my urge of going to that country. I doubt they would have show around Asia… They would come to a country when there’s an event, and I think Asia is one of the areas that rarely having such event… orz   

Anyway…The live was started with introduction of the members from the big screen above the stage. The BGM was Sindra and the members were introduced by showing their picture from Sindra, along with their name and words from the opening of Sindra. The one that get so many screamed was Tohya (XD). And I just can’t hold my laugh when Umi’s picture appeared along with “hollow” word (XDD). After the introductions, the live was finally started with, Ozone, a song that fill with dreams and hope. The second song was Next and they don’t stopped for taking a break and continue with one of my favorite songs, Dead Cherry. They have amazed me again with their energy, playing rocking and fast song in quickly turns like that (O_O).  

When Tomo said, “Tadaima,”, the crowd (and me) were saying, “Okaeri~~~~”. Sigh, I wish I can be there. I’ll be in tears for sure (TwT). My admiration gets more and more as Umi started rapping for Five Barkin’ Animals, the band’s of introduction song (^O^). I LOVE THE SONG!! And the way Umi started it with a rap just made it PERFECT!! (>w<). Tomo was doing a MC before the song played, and I thought he would introduce the members in normal way, such as “this is Tomo on vocal” sort of thing (XP). Tomo then asked Umi to started something, and I was thinking Umi would started the introduction, but no~~~ Umi started it with a rap!! I LOVE IT SO FUDGING MUCH!! I was singing along when the song get to the part, “Rui and Tohya” and “Yuh and Umi”. GREAT! GREAT! AWESOME!!

After it they played Eve, B.P.M Direction, and Mr. Grim, very fast and rocking songs, and they don’t stop to take a break! I noticed Umi was changing his guitar and didn’t wear eye-glasses when they played head banging songs (when he did that?). Maybe he’s afraid it would get lose (XP). He even look scarier without it, but the scarier the better (X3).

Time to slowing a bit with Tsuiraku, but it doesn’t take long when after it they played Sindra, Omoide CG, Lion Heart, and Hameln. Finally I can see Sindra and Hameln played live! Wasshoi! And also Lion Heart, I’ve long to see Umi’s rapping part!! It was still great, he doesn’t disappoint my expectation!! (^O^), though it was more dramatic on Gather to Theater live. The interactions between the members at stage are also showing some improvement, especially between Rui and Yuh. Yuh was sitting in comfort at the left side at the stage, towards the crowd when Rui came from his back and sitting beside him. Rui was leaning his body against Yuh and they were talking to each ears cutely (X3). Yuh also showed some approached to Umi. When Umi was playing alone at the center of the stage, Yuh came and lean on him. Umi looked surprised but then he was smiling happily (then I died). The movement around the stage was also improving; Umi, Rui, and Yuh were moving all over the stage.     

After the encore calling, Tohya and Rui were the one that coming back first to the stage. They start playing along with Umi and Yuh who came carrying their own instruments. They’ve played together for couple of minutes, which bring up the question from me, where is Tomo? I have the thought that maybe Tomo was smoking or inside the bathroom and the others were playing to covering him up (XDD). Then Tomo finally show up and they start Aya. The way Rui played the bass was so cool~~~~ He stands at the upper center of the stage and play awesomely! I do admire this looking gentle bassist (X3).

They played a song which I can’t read the kanji (gomen), Night Parade, and Gizen Master. Tomo was trying his move on Umi. He approached Umi who was playing at the upper right of the stage. Umi was kneeling down when Tomo grabbed him from the back and puts one hand at his shoulders. Tomo seemed offering something to Umi that quickly get rejected by Umi with a shake and a smile (I died again). Umi walked away (or I’ll say running away XP) back to the main stage. Yuh was also making a move on Umi again. Umi was once again kneeling down at the same place when with Tomo, and Yuh came from the back and surprised Umi. Yuh was standing above Umi which may be bothered Umi and forced him to leave. Before leaving, Umi looked at Yuh and then making a move of kicking him (XDDD).

It’s so much fun! It’s so much entertaining! Sadly it has to end… Last song and the ultimate song was July VIIth [Re:birth]. I was prepared to cried, but I only get teary eyes instead (what’s the difference?). The song is beautiful and Tomo sang it heart fully. This time, there are no tears coming from Tomo. He sang it perfectly. And I think the one that about to cry was Yuh, his face looking so sad and look like he’s holding his tears. So sweet~~~~ Yuh was the one that composed the song, so maybe he would felt more attached with the song than anyone else. But, I also see Tomo eyes are glistered, he did tried to hold the tears (>w<). As usual they gathered around the stage and holding each hands, the part that I always like from them. Tomo was talking and then looking at Rui on his right side. I think Tomo was hoping for some words from Rui, but Rui was just blankly staring at Tomo and smile. The crowds laugh and so do I (XDD). Tomo then asked Umi to say some words, but though the crowds were calling his name, Umi refused to say some words (XP). They’re holding hands and stand up at the upper stage, it’s a small stage and I doubt they would fit there. The result, Umi was falling down after they jumped out! (XDDDD).

Before leaving, they throw some picks and bottles of water. Tohya was giving his kiss to the crowds (XP). There are waving and throwing again before they all finally leaved. The big screen show up writings from the members, that again I don’t understand (orz). The crowd calling each member’s name as the words showing up. I can only read Tomo’s words since it’s in English, “I want to be the meaning of your life” and also the end sweet message for the fans, “All of my little stars, we love…you,”. It breaks my heart (TwT).

Feuh…again my review only contains subjective feeling about the show and less about the music. Well, it’s because I don’t quite understand about music (:D), but I do know good music when I heard it. And what vistlip has show is more than good, it was AWESOME!! They are so energetic! Their music is so energetic and that’s what become their trademark. I do enjoy each of their performances, not only to one person, but all of them. Along with the crowd, they were all enjoying the music (their body was moving along with the music). They are singing the lyrics, all of them. I was watching every single of them. It was fun, but also tiring! I guess I need to watch it all over again: first I would watch all of them, second I would only enjoy the show, and third I would only focusing on Umi (XP). The DVD is so addictive! I want to watch it again! They are also addictive! (X3). Also, somehow…I think…Yuh was looking beautiful at the whole show…I don’t know how I can have the feeling. He’s just beautiful! His eyelashes were quite long (X3).  

One thing I do realized after watching the show was how they have grown up. Their performance was more mature than Gather to Theater. The concept of the stage was also awesome, suiting to the theme of “Revelation Space”, the lights, the stage of the sets, all fits the theme. And after the last song was performed, I knew it, I’ll say it, “Guys, you’ve all grown up and I’m so proud of you. I am proud of you!”

Too bad they cut some attractions from the real live. I want to see Umi-nii’s epic fall (XDD). And also the part of question box was separated in the behind the screen section, but it doesn’t get in to finish. It’s still hilarious, though (X3)

I just love the show. I love them! Don’t ever stop walking Five Barkin’ Animals! Will support you always and always! Wasshoi!! (^O^).  

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