Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The rumors are getting tense. The truth might be reveal on or after the Indian GP this weekend. I do hope so. Because the rumors make me so damn excited.

The return of Kimi to F1.




Though I've said that I don't care where he would be, as long as he's racing, as long as I can still see him, but to be honest I miss him in F1. I want him back to F1. I'm sorry, Kimi. I have a strong reason why I want that. Because the sport is the only one that being cover by local television. Not only that, it's the same with the local newspapers. It's so hard to catch with his news when he's doing rally, even NASCAR or Le Mans. None of that being cover here :'(

So, if Kimi really come back to F1, I will be so happy~~~~~ ^O^
And along with that "if", comes many "if"...

If Kimi really comes back to F1, I won't ever go anywhere on weekend when he's having a race. As a good lover, I have to watch him carefully, and only put my attention on him (X3).

If Kimi really comes back to F1, I will start reading news papers again, watching TV again, staying up late just to watch his race, making reviews,  and making also collecting articles and pictures of him again (^O^).

If Kimi really comes back to F1, I will start my life again. The sun in my world will shine once again. My dark and cold world will get the light and it's warmth back. My life will be running again. (X3).

If Kimi really comes back to F1, I might get a chance to see his live race and say the words I've been wanting to say directly to the man, "I love you" (8D~~).

If Kimi really comes back to F1, just having the thought make me so excited! (>.<). I will be feeling so alive again! I will like the world again, the world where there's him, my everything.

And somehow...I have a good feeling about this rumor. Hints are everywhere, just need to wait for the man to speak the truth. And when it happens, my heart beat would stop for a minute before I break down and cry....

I love you, Kimi. I really do.
I love you so much, always and forever.

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