Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I am what I am!

Last Saturday was one of my college friends wedding. I've went there with my friends. We have so much fun. For a moment I can think and feel about other things than work. I was thinking that hanging out with old friends was one way to "escape" or "running away" from real life XP

But, there's one thing that annoyed me that time.
The question why I didn't wore the same outfit with the rest of my friends, though the bride has give the material to me. Yes, I didn't wore it.

Because I hate the material and mostly because I hate to wear girly outfit.

The bride aka my friend said that she's disappointed that I didn't wore the material. Another co-workers also said that I don't respect the couple with not doing the bride's request. Well... I'm sorry for being rude but...I don't give a damn care!!

I've said it from the beginning that I don't want to wear the material. Though she insisted to give it to me, I won't ever wore it. I even won't wore it inside my dream. I've inform her, so don't blame me when I don't wore it. I am someone that won't do something that I don't want. No matter how people beg me, if I don't like it then I won't do it.

I should have do it for her happiness, you said? It's her day, so I should make her happy, you said?  I want to make her happy, but not by sacrifice my own pleasure. I'm happy for her wedding. I can't be that happy if I wore the outfit. Which one do you choose?

I hate it when people told me what I should wear, what I should do, what I should do for being a girl. For your information: I hate being a girl!! I hate girls stuff. I hate girl's clothes. So, don't forced me if you don't want me to start hating you. Also, I'm already hate my self, please don't make me more hating it.

I like what I am now. I like my look now. I am what I am. This is me. I won't bug you so don't bug me. Let's just live happily in our own world, shall we? *handshake*

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