Saturday, October 01, 2011

vistlip funny Q & A

A friend post this article on V.I.P.LIST group on Facebook. I can't stand not sharing it here. It's so hilarious!! The interview was taken at JapanExpo in 2009.

Q: What animal would you liken other members to, and why? 

A. Tomo.
Yuh - a cat called Sphynx, because he's slim. 
Umi - Chupacabra. Looks just like it! 
Rui - Prairie dog, because he's always looking around. 
Tohya - White bear, because he's white and looks like a bear. 

[me: Tomo's answer is making sense and really fits to each member descriptions, except for Tohya, "white bear, because he's white and looks like a bear". XDDDDDDD].

A. Yuh. 
Tomo -  Monkey. Everyone says so, don't they?
Umi - Nurarihyon, because he's a king of monsters. 
Rui - Sloth. The name tells it all!! 
Tohya - Tapir, because he seems easygoing. 

[me: Yuh-san, how do you know Tapir is an easy going animal like Tohya?? XDDDDD]. 

A. Umi. 
Tomo - Monkey, as you can see. 
Yuh - Bird, as you can see. 
Rui - Iguana, as you can see. 
Tohya - Dolphin, as you can see. 

[me: Yeah!! Umi-nii, you rocks!! His answer describe everyone in the most simple and understandable way! XDDDDDDDDDDD]. 

A. Rui. 
Tomo - Monkey, because he looks like it. 
Yuh - Bird, because he looks like a chick. 
Umi - Beast, as you can see. 
Tohya - Dog. He has an image of friendly type. 

[me: Rui-san, bird resembles Yuh because he looks like a chick. What "chick" do you mean? Chick for chicken or chick for girls calling? XDDDDDDD]. 

A. Tohya. 
Tomo - Lion. He's worthy of a king. 
Yuh - Leopard, only because he's slender. 
Umi - Rockhopper penguin, only the head. 
Rui - Giraffe. He's a nonchalant type. 

[me: Tohya, what's with Rockhopper penguin head that resembles Umi? XDDDDDDDD]. 

Mostly they agree that Tomo is looking like a monkey and that Umi is so scary that every scary looking animals fits him XDDD 

Help! They are killing me!! XDDD 


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