Thursday, October 06, 2011


Finally they have arrive~~~~~~ *gunyu-gunyu dance*
I've been waiting for so long and I believe they were also feeling the same, wanting to be with me asap (XD).
And here they are~~~~ My lovely ones~~~~

Actually they have arrived weeks ago, but I just have the time to show it off now (XP).
Okay, now let's see what I've got
The first one is: Versailles's Holy Grail album.

(I don't understand why the picture can rotate by itself).

The 1st Versailles album of mine (^^). I bought only the CD since I don't have enough money to bought the other tempting types orz BUT!! From the time I listen to the songs preview, I know that I've made a great deal! I'm glad I've bought this album! It's a great album!! I love it so much!! ^O^
I get the poster as a bonus from the online shop. Actually I was very late making the order and I thought I won't get that poster bonus. But again, the seller said I still can have it~~~ *gunyu-gunyu dance* And the poster is now stick comfortably beside Mina-sama poster and Kimi's drawing picture (X3). Yokoso, guys!

It's lean...I know. There's 2 reason: I'm not holding the camera correctly or it's because I'm having cylindrical over my eyes that I can't stick things straightly (XP).

From the album, I get Masashi's card. Yay! I was hoping for Kamijo or Teru, but then I realize Masashi is one of my favorite members. So I'm happy getting his card.

And....of course....looking at the picture below almost make me nose bleeding.... >.<

Master~~~ Why you can be looking so cocky yet adorable at the same time!! XDD

Continue to the next one is... Linkin Park's album: A Thousand Suns.
My sister was kinda surprised knowing I bought the album, since she thought I never listen to any songs beside "that uncertain Japanese songs" (XD). Well, Linkin Park is my most favorite western band. I know I've been far away from them since the day I discover Japanese songs. But I always try to follow their news, though I haven't done it quite well too. This album has been out for some time, and I've just bought it recently. Lame!! (XD). The album isn't disappointing though the sound still differ from Breaking the habit or Meteora. The songs and the music kinda the same like Minutes to Midnight, which I less to like. A Thousand of Sun is lighter than Minutes to Midnight though, that's why I'm liking it more than the later.

I like the front cover because it's abstract and not showing the face of the band's member. That's what I call a band! (XD). One lacking thing from it is....the blurry words!! I can't read the lyrics! I can listen to the songs to know the words, but I wanna enjoy singing along by reading the lyrics. Sigh..the concept is great but it's also troubling me...

Linkin Park also show what a great band they are by words saying that they want to make music that suits their desire and not only for commercial things. They want to make music that they love. Don't matter it doesn't suit general taste. I think it's a great and daring thing to be done by a band that well known by the whole world. But, I believe they will always have faithful fans to support them.

Next and the most that make me smiling widely and rolling on the floor happily is.... vistlip!!!

I've said that I will support them in anyway that I can, so this is the support I'm doing (^^). The red one is their first full album, Theater (with DVD) and the below one is Sindra (CD only), their latest single. At first I order only CD type for Theater, but I found out that the type doesn't have the song I like the most, their anthem: Five Barkin Animals. The other type with DVD has it, so I bought it. I don't have the right player for Japanese DVD, and I can't play it on local DVD, that's the reason why I never bought Japanese DVD. I was using my office laptop to watch the movie and.....MY DEAR GOD!!! I'm glad I order this type!!! The DVD consist of Theater of Envy PV and the making of it. And the video making was so hilarious!!! I've watched the bug version, but I haven't watched the version where Rui was slip while shooting the video or that Umi was bullying Tomo at the end of the video. It's so hilarious and I'm not bored watching it over and over! They really entertain me! (XD).

I bought Sindra from other fans. And I get Yuh's card. I was hoping to get Umi...but Yuh is also fine (XP). Lately I've also been looking up at Yuh. Somehow he's looking cool and mature...when I get Yuh's card I was thinking: "What the hell with me and Yuh?" (XD).

I was wondering what was Yuh doing? I ask Ree-chan (the previous owner of the CD) the meaning of the words at the back of the card. She said that Yuh was demonstrating an acrobat act of Jumping high and hitting a table of glass. He said not to do that because it's dangerous. Err...Yuh, who the hell want to do that anyway?? (XDD). At first I was thinking he's hanging and swinging around there to imitate a monkey (XP).

And...and...and...and... I try hard not to scream....I really do. So I several times hit the bed instead.

UMI-NII!!!!!! *Q*
No matter how looking scary you are, you always look cool and adorable to me!!! ^3^
I adore him so much!! And I've found out the one that make music for Chapter: Ask was none than the one: Umi-nii!! Now I'm loving the song more and more!! Umi-nii's music is so beautiful and elegant! That's what I feel when listening to the song. It's so elegant, great, awesome, just like what I feel if Umi would make a work. I feel that Umi-nii always want to make a "right music", not only for fun. I can feel it inside the music he's made! Good job, Umi-nii!!!

It's a very long post! I hope people won't get bored reading this very subjective post. Then again, that if there's anyone who would read it (XD). I know I should have made my personal review about Holy Grail, A Thousand Suns, and Theater (I've made one for Sindra). But, lately I've lost my interest to make those personal reviews. I think I haven't made a best and serious reviews. I only made it based on my own feeling, and I feel it's not right. I should have review it from the musical side, the instruments, and the lyric. I haven't done from those side.  I do know that the title is "personal review" so it's okay if I put more personal thoughts to it. But still, I keep feeling I haven't made a right one. Maybe I will make the review someday, but for now, I don't feel to make one (^^v).

Sate...that's the thing I've been around with. I play the CD over and over and in turns. I never get bored. This little happiness that I've cherish so much!

Thank you, God!!


Izumi Yuu said...

aaaaa I've got rui card from sindra!! lucky cuz I love him soooooo much XDD

that's magic of love~~

KiRaidesu said...

Ah~~~ Lucky you~~~ X3