Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The rumors are getting tense. The truth might be reveal on or after the Indian GP this weekend. I do hope so. Because the rumors make me so damn excited.

The return of Kimi to F1.




Though I've said that I don't care where he would be, as long as he's racing, as long as I can still see him, but to be honest I miss him in F1. I want him back to F1. I'm sorry, Kimi. I have a strong reason why I want that. Because the sport is the only one that being cover by local television. Not only that, it's the same with the local newspapers. It's so hard to catch with his news when he's doing rally, even NASCAR or Le Mans. None of that being cover here :'(

So, if Kimi really come back to F1, I will be so happy~~~~~ ^O^
And along with that "if", comes many "if"...

If Kimi really comes back to F1, I won't ever go anywhere on weekend when he's having a race. As a good lover, I have to watch him carefully, and only put my attention on him (X3).

If Kimi really comes back to F1, I will start reading news papers again, watching TV again, staying up late just to watch his race, making reviews,  and making also collecting articles and pictures of him again (^O^).

If Kimi really comes back to F1, I will start my life again. The sun in my world will shine once again. My dark and cold world will get the light and it's warmth back. My life will be running again. (X3).

If Kimi really comes back to F1, I might get a chance to see his live race and say the words I've been wanting to say directly to the man, "I love you" (8D~~).

If Kimi really comes back to F1, just having the thought make me so excited! (>.<). I will be feeling so alive again! I will like the world again, the world where there's him, my everything.

And somehow...I have a good feeling about this rumor. Hints are everywhere, just need to wait for the man to speak the truth. And when it happens, my heart beat would stop for a minute before I break down and cry....

I love you, Kimi. I really do.
I love you so much, always and forever.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Surprisingly I love flowers! :) Here are some flowers at my house. Seeing simple things like this make me smile and happy. I just love the nature :)

The Roses.

Monday, October 24, 2011

[vistlip – (my) Revelation Space review]

Warning: this post contains very obvious fan girling. Please, spare me ^^v 

On October 19th, 2011, Vistlip has release their final live DVD at Zepp Tokyo (on July 7th, 2011). One thing I love from vistlip is their live performance. It’s because of watching their live performance that makes me getting so deep with them. And that’s why I've encourage myself to purchase the Revelation Space DVD though I don’t really have the proper player to put it on (XP).    

The DVD came just in time when I was missing them so bad (actually I’ve miss them every day). It feels so damn good to see them, to see their live. I want to see their live for real… Umi-nii’s saying to come to Tokyo and see them has added my urge of going to that country. I doubt they would have show around Asia… They would come to a country when there’s an event, and I think Asia is one of the areas that rarely having such event… orz   

Anyway…The live was started with introduction of the members from the big screen above the stage. The BGM was Sindra and the members were introduced by showing their picture from Sindra, along with their name and words from the opening of Sindra. The one that get so many screamed was Tohya (XD). And I just can’t hold my laugh when Umi’s picture appeared along with “hollow” word (XDD). After the introductions, the live was finally started with, Ozone, a song that fill with dreams and hope. The second song was Next and they don’t stopped for taking a break and continue with one of my favorite songs, Dead Cherry. They have amazed me again with their energy, playing rocking and fast song in quickly turns like that (O_O).  

When Tomo said, “Tadaima,”, the crowd (and me) were saying, “Okaeri~~~~”. Sigh, I wish I can be there. I’ll be in tears for sure (TwT). My admiration gets more and more as Umi started rapping for Five Barkin’ Animals, the band’s of introduction song (^O^). I LOVE THE SONG!! And the way Umi started it with a rap just made it PERFECT!! (>w<). Tomo was doing a MC before the song played, and I thought he would introduce the members in normal way, such as “this is Tomo on vocal” sort of thing (XP). Tomo then asked Umi to started something, and I was thinking Umi would started the introduction, but no~~~ Umi started it with a rap!! I LOVE IT SO FUDGING MUCH!! I was singing along when the song get to the part, “Rui and Tohya” and “Yuh and Umi”. GREAT! GREAT! AWESOME!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A silent letter.

Dear Umi-nii,

Today I was feeling disappointed with myself. Actually to be honest, I have experience the feeling for quite sometimes. And usually I can deal with it. But, not today. You know why? It's because of you.

You may not realize the meaning of your existence to me.

 I've been looking up to you.

You are the strength for me. You are the one that bring me the spirit. You are the one that keep remind me to work hard. And I've fail to do so.

Now you understand why I can't easily ease the disappointed feeling? Because I was feeling ashamed. I feel ashamed with myself that can't be like you. I've look up to you, making you the source of my strength, the source of my spirit, but I didn't make it.

I'm sorry....

Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday My Love!

My dear,

I'm so grateful with the day I've found you. And I'm so bless with the day you was born. You are the greatest gift that the mighty God has gave me. This love for you is the greatest feeling that I ever had. Loving you feel so naturally for me. It's like breathing the air. I can't live without breathing. I can't live without loving you.

You are my love, my sun, my life, my world. You are MY EVERYTHING.

This eyes are only seeing you. This mind is only thinking of you. This heart is only loving you.

Thank you for existing. Thank you for coming into my world. Thank you for making my cold and dark world shine. Thank you for making me love you. Thank you for just becoming you.

I love you now. I love you tomorrow. I love you then. I love you everyday. I love you always. I love you forever.

Happy birthday my love.
May God always bless you with happiness, good life, good health, and success.

I love you. I really do.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

vistlip: ORDER MADE update

Updates on vistlip second album, ORDER MADE, release on December 14th, 2011.
  1. Regular edition (first press with a trading card). Price: 3000 yen.
  2. Limited edition (36 pages of booklet, lyric, and trading card). Price: 3600 yen. 
  3. Limited edition (with DVD of music clip from new song, the making of video, and a trading card). Price: 3600 yen. 
This eventually update my earlier post. There's a slightly changes in the prices. But, it still expensive :D 
Going to do deep thinking about this release ^^ 

"music clip from new song" --> means there'll be a new music video release? That's great!! This I can't wait! ^O^ 

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Ganbaruyo, Umi-nii!

Seeing Umi-nii's picture below, I just want to put a glass of warm coffee at the table and say to him, "ganbaruyo". It seems Umi-nii is working so hard, as a leader and also as one of the band's member. Wish I can really say the word to him. Wish I can really give him the coffee.
Ganbaruyo, Umi-nii. ^w^

[the picture is from Rui's blog].


Finally they have arrive~~~~~~ *gunyu-gunyu dance*
I've been waiting for so long and I believe they were also feeling the same, wanting to be with me asap (XD).
And here they are~~~~ My lovely ones~~~~

Actually they have arrived weeks ago, but I just have the time to show it off now (XP).
Okay, now let's see what I've got

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

A calling from the dark.

I'm feeling gloomy today.
Things happen around me.
And at time like this, I miss you who always cynical with life. Cynical keep us alive, right?
I miss our mockery about life and the people.
I miss our teasing and sharing our crazy thoughts.
I miss being inside the darkness with you.
I wonder...have you walk into the light now?
I haven't.
I like the darkness. It's where I belong. It's where I can be myself. It's where I've found you.
So, I'm staying inside this darkness. Hoping that someday, I will found you again.

Best regards,

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I am what I am!

Last Saturday was one of my college friends wedding. I've went there with my friends. We have so much fun. For a moment I can think and feel about other things than work. I was thinking that hanging out with old friends was one way to "escape" or "running away" from real life XP

But, there's one thing that annoyed me that time.
The question why I didn't wore the same outfit with the rest of my friends, though the bride has give the material to me. Yes, I didn't wore it.


Monday, October 03, 2011

Happy Birthday Leader-sama!!

I've just realize that I never make any post about other member of L'Arc~en~Ciel on their's birthday. I only make for hyde XDDD

So, I made this post.

Happy birthday Leader-sama~~~~ aka tetsuya-san!! Wasshoi!! ^O^
Wishing you all the best: long life, happiness, health, success, and fortune. Why fortune? So he would stop put high prices for every L'Arc~en~Ciel's products X3

Happy birthday, leader! Will be counting on you now, then, and forever. Lead us always! Good luck our way!!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Happy birthday Otousan!

October 2nd, 2011 is my decease father's birthday. If he's still alive, he would be 73 years old. I can't imagine his look with the age neither his appearance. Yes, I can't since he's not here anymore.

I don't have good memory about father. I think I've forget some memories during my childhood as the impact of his death. I lost him when I was little, maybe around 1st or 2nd grade of elementary school. Me and sister sometimes is still debating about the exact time (XP)

My father was a handsome guy. I remember thinking that when I grow up and want to get married, I want to marry a man that looking like him XP

My memory about father is like pieces of puzzle. I can't really remember it full, only some pieces that felt more like a dream. I remember when father ride my bicycle in order to make me happy. I remember he carried me on his arms when one of my earring was taken by bad guys. I was crying and blood run down from my wounded ear. I remember when he chased me with a broom because I was naughty. I hide under the table that time. I was so afraid and thought why he had to be so cruel wanting to hit me with a broom. Years later I've found out from my sister that father was actually smiling at that time. He was teasing me. I didn't see him smiling since I only saw his feet from under the table. This truth quite give me a shocked because I always feel father doesn't like me. He only like my sister.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

vistlip funny Q & A

A friend post this article on V.I.P.LIST group on Facebook. I can't stand not sharing it here. It's so hilarious!! The interview was taken at JapanExpo in 2009.

Q: What animal would you liken other members to, and why? 

A. Tomo.
Yuh - a cat called Sphynx, because he's slim. 
Umi - Chupacabra. Looks just like it! 
Rui - Prairie dog, because he's always looking around. 
Tohya - White bear, because he's white and looks like a bear. 

[me: Tomo's answer is making sense and really fits to each member descriptions, except for Tohya, "white bear, because he's white and looks like a bear". XDDDDDDD].

A. Yuh. 
Tomo -  Monkey. Everyone says so, don't they?
Umi - Nurarihyon, because he's a king of monsters. 
Rui - Sloth. The name tells it all!! 
Tohya - Tapir, because he seems easygoing. 

[me: Yuh-san, how do you know Tapir is an easy going animal like Tohya?? XDDDDD]. 

A. Umi. 
Tomo - Monkey, as you can see. 
Yuh - Bird, as you can see. 
Rui - Iguana, as you can see. 
Tohya - Dolphin, as you can see. 

[me: Yeah!! Umi-nii, you rocks!! His answer describe everyone in the most simple and understandable way! XDDDDDDDDDDD]. 

A. Rui. 
Tomo - Monkey, because he looks like it. 
Yuh - Bird, because he looks like a chick. 
Umi - Beast, as you can see. 
Tohya - Dog. He has an image of friendly type. 

[me: Rui-san, bird resembles Yuh because he looks like a chick. What "chick" do you mean? Chick for chicken or chick for girls calling? XDDDDDDD]. 

A. Tohya. 
Tomo - Lion. He's worthy of a king. 
Yuh - Leopard, only because he's slender. 
Umi - Rockhopper penguin, only the head. 
Rui - Giraffe. He's a nonchalant type. 

[me: Tohya, what's with Rockhopper penguin head that resembles Umi? XDDDDDDDD]. 

Mostly they agree that Tomo is looking like a monkey and that Umi is so scary that every scary looking animals fits him XDDD 

Help! They are killing me!! XDDD