Friday, September 30, 2011

vistlip on the move

Yeah, beside having lives, working on the live DVD and new album, vistlip is also busy with some activities such as: event stores, interviews, covering on magazines, and model clothing. Here are some results of the activities.

Tomo in Rock and Read vol. 37

Umi in Rock and Read vol. 38 (only the preview).

Umi, Yuh, and Rui in V!NYL SYNDICATE vol. 23

Above is a free publication. It means it's free and not for sale. I think the magazine is available at designed stores and shoppers can have it for free. They don't do any online shipping...too bad :(
They are looking AWESOME!! >w<

vistlip at Superlovers event

And these are the design of the cloth.

They are looking very busy... I'm glad and also happy. They are working hard. I'd like to support them, but I don't have enough cash to buy all those things :D
Even so, I will always support them with prayers. Go! Go! Go! Five Barkin' Animals!! ^O^

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