Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The value of silence for Finns

It happens again.... The guessing about where and what would Kimi be doing next year. The fans and the media are guessing, analyzing, watching, assuming...but the man himself still hasn't say anything. Rumors are spreading out and to be honest I'm tired with rumors. So, I'll just wait for Kimi to speak himself (or maybe email me if he has time XP)

Anyway....the silence of Kimi has been well known. And not only him, but Finnish people are like that. They cherish silence (X3). I've quote the descriptions below from a Finnish fan at FB group.

"There's an old saying in Finnish that translates as: Speech is silver but silence is gold. Frivolity in conversation is not an attribute valued here. If it isn't important, or the answer is obvious, then keep quiet. Also be aware that you can talk in church and even at a funeral but in the sauna silence is not only gold. It is 24 carat."

I laugh hard reading the above words. I know that Finns love sauna so much, but never thought it would be that valuable for them (X3).

Also, below is a story to reinforce the above quotes.

An elderly married couple are at home in their kitchen. The husband is reading his newspaper while sitting at the kitchen table. His wife is sitting in a wooden rocking chair knitting another pair of woolly socks for one of their grandchildren. They have been sitting in silence for some time when the wife looks over to her husband and says: 

"You know Matti, you never say you love me." Matti looks up from his newspaper, thinks about this statement for a minute and then replies carefully. 

"50 years ago, when we married, I told you I loved you. If the situation changes I'll let you know." 

So fudging sweet!!! >w<
I'm smiling after reading the story!

My dearest one, Kimi. I do feel the same. I still love you from the day I fall in love with you. And I will be still loving you now, then, tomorrow, and forever!


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