Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Until Death Do Us Apart (manga)

Until death do us apart is a manga series which the story isn't resemble the title XP and that's what make it interesting for me. To be honest, this series don't attract me at first. Because of the title, I thought it's a romance drama and cheesy story. I was fully wrong XP

The story is about Toyama Haruka, a young girl that being chase because she can predict the future. When she's being driven to a place, she meets this blind swordsman, Hijikata Mamoru. Haruka gets out from the car and ask Mamoru to save her. Haruka offers diamonds and pearls as the payment for Mamoru's protection and "until death do us apart" as the time limit of the protection. Mamoru was surprised but eventually do the offer. Mamoru beats the bad guys that chase down Haruka. And when Mamoru asked her where was her parents, Haruka break down and cried.

That's the opening story. Since then Haruka joins Mamoru's team in fighting criminals. Haruka's ability is very useful in completing every mission they have, but Mamoru also often refused to trust it. Mamoru only believes his own ability, and if he get killed it's mean he doesn't have enough ability and not because he doesn't trust Haruka's predictions.

Mamoru not only facing people that hunt for Haruka. But he also had to face big criminal syndicate and not often make his life in danger. Though very quiet, loves to sleep and sweet foods, but Mamoru is a strict and doesn't hesitant to kill his opponent in vicious way. Once Sierra, a female soldier sign to guard her, has asked Haruka to leave Mamoru and go with her instead to live peaceful life. Haruka refuses and Sierra demanding explanation for her refusal. With blushing face Haruka said because Mamoru is her future husband. The answer make Sierra and Igawa (the computer expert that always help Mamoru) become shocked. Thus make Igawa understand the oath Haruka has said on her first meeting with Mamoru.

I like the growing relationship between Mamoru and Haruka, especially with the fighting scenes. Though I think the issues with the criminal syndicate is going to far and long. I can't follow who has the attention for Haruka and who isn't. The issues are mixing and with many characters, it makes me dizzy when it gets to the talking scenes (:D). And even though Haruka consider Mamoru as her future husband, I can't feel the same way XP I think the relationship between the two are more like brother and sister. And I believe Mamoru is also feeling the same XP

Sadly this series taking long time to get release here. I'm eagerly wanting to read the next chapter!!

Until death do us apart is the work by Takashige Hiroshi & DOUBLE-S

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