Saturday, September 10, 2011

L'Arc~en~Ciel new look and new single!

I have so many posts to make...but this one absolutely came first!

L'Arc~en~Ciel will release a new single on October 12th, 2011!!! The title is XXX (read: kisu kisu kisu). The track list are:
  1. XXX
  2. I'm so happy -L'Accoustic version-
  3. XXX (hydeless version)
  4. I'm so happy -L'Accoustic version- (hydeless version)
XXX..kisu..kisu..kisu...mmm...I really curious how the song going to be...naughty perhaps? X3
And this is just so fudging great!! I can't wait  for the release.
But, sadly I'm going to skip it this time... :D I've planned to buy something on October. The release of this single is like a test for me, but I've made up my mind (also have order the stuff).

And...this is their new look!!! *Q*

What the....okay guys...confess to me! Who's ides is this?!!! hyde? ken? tet-chan?? yukkie-kun won't ever came up with this idea! I'm sure of it! X3
And coincidentally, the look really suit for my upcoming FF!! XD I was just writing the story last night and this morning the picture came! What a beautiful coincidence! Now I don't have to look for any proper picture. This one suit the most! X3

The golden apple hyde's holding reminds me of the golden apple on the Greek/Roman's myth. The God and Goddess were fighting each other to get it. Whoever get it will be label as the most beautiful one. And now hyde is holding the golden apple. He's the winner! He's the most beautiful one! Even God and Goddess are beaten by him XDDDDDD

That's why hyde is looking so cocky like that: ken and tet-chan were fighting for him and in other hand he'a also having the golden apple. are the best!!! XDDDDDD

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