Friday, September 30, 2011

vistlip on the move

Yeah, beside having lives, working on the live DVD and new album, vistlip is also busy with some activities such as: event stores, interviews, covering on magazines, and model clothing. Here are some results of the activities.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Until Death Do Us Apart (manga)

Until death do us apart is a manga series which the story isn't resemble the title XP and that's what make it interesting for me. To be honest, this series don't attract me at first. Because of the title, I thought it's a romance drama and cheesy story. I was fully wrong XP

The story is about Toyama Haruka, a young girl that being chase because she can predict the future. When she's being driven to a place, she meets this blind swordsman, Hijikata Mamoru. Haruka gets out from the car and ask Mamoru to save her. Haruka offers diamonds and pearls as the payment for Mamoru's protection and "until death do us apart" as the time limit of the protection. Mamoru was surprised but eventually do the offer. Mamoru beats the bad guys that chase down Haruka. And when Mamoru asked her where was her parents, Haruka break down and cried.

That's the opening story. Since then Haruka joins Mamoru's team in fighting criminals. Haruka's ability is very useful in completing every mission they have, but Mamoru also often refused to trust it. Mamoru only believes his own ability, and if he get killed it's mean he doesn't have enough ability and not because he doesn't trust Haruka's predictions.

Monday, September 26, 2011

vistlip update! (release).

Update for releases from vistlip.
On October 19th, 2011, vistlip will release a live DVD: [Revelation Space]. The DVD will also include the one man live at Zepp Tokyo from July 7th, 2011.
Here's the preview of the DVD cover:

And they play my favorite songs: Ozone, Dead Cherry, Five Barkin' Animals, Lion Heart, SINDRA, and Hameln. Wasshoi!! I really can't wait for this!

For their 2nd full album, the title is ORDER MADE and will be release on December 14th, 2011. There are 3 types of album:

  1. Limited Edition vister (CD+DVD). Price: 3780 yen.
  2. Limited Edition lipper (CD+ 36 pages booklet). Price: 3780 yen.
  3. Regular Edition (CD). Price: 3150 yen. 
Details will come soon...I hope :D

Umi-nii...why do you have to make 3 different versions?? Furthermore, I know that each versions will have different kind of song lists. So eventually the fans have to buy all three to get the complete release *crying alone at the corner*.

Friday, September 23, 2011

September to October release (so far).

I'm quite late making this post. I should have made it at the beginning of September. Oh well better late than never. And this only for my own reminder about what excitement I would have days ahead :)

  • September 21st, 2011. 

Acid Black Cherry has release a new single: Pistol. The single consist of 2 songs, Pistol and a recreation track. The release also mark the start of 5 months continuously release from him. And though Yasu still hasn't mention the exact time, but he will release a new album on 2012.
[picture credits: LJ].

  • September 28th, 2011.

SID will release a new single: Itsuka. The single consist of 3 songs: two are new songs and one is a song from their live. Itsuka will be their first single after the release of Dead Stock (2nd album). I already like Itsuka, especially the video. The video concept is interesting!

  • October 5th, 2011.

Angelo will release a new album: Babel. The album is special because they don't release any single before it. This make me very curious about the songs in the album. The 2 new member has also give their participation in the album, and I'm really anxious to listen what kind of music they will give.
[picture credits: LJ].

  • October 12th, 2011.

L'Arc~en~Ciel will release a new single: X X X. I like the song but not the video. The video is too slow and full with blonde girls. I can't clearly watch mina-sama because of the girls. 
[picture credits: LJ].

  • October 19th, 2011. 
Acid Black Cherry will release another single: Shangrila. But, what I mostly waiting for is the release of vistlip DVD: Revelation Space!! ^O^ This release that had made me not buying Mina-sama's single...gomen ne :D I don't know where I would watch it, but the important thing is I have it! XDDD *baka* I can't wait for the date to come, for my copy of the DVD to come...please be hurry~~~

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The value of silence for Finns

It happens again.... The guessing about where and what would Kimi be doing next year. The fans and the media are guessing, analyzing, watching, assuming...but the man himself still hasn't say anything. Rumors are spreading out and to be honest I'm tired with rumors. So, I'll just wait for Kimi to speak himself (or maybe email me if he has time XP)

Anyway....the silence of Kimi has been well known. And not only him, but Finnish people are like that. They cherish silence (X3). I've quote the descriptions below from a Finnish fan at FB group.

"There's an old saying in Finnish that translates as: Speech is silver but silence is gold. Frivolity in conversation is not an attribute valued here. If it isn't important, or the answer is obvious, then keep quiet. Also be aware that you can talk in church and even at a funeral but in the sauna silence is not only gold. It is 24 carat."

I laugh hard reading the above words. I know that Finns love sauna so much, but never thought it would be that valuable for them (X3).

Also, below is a story to reinforce the above quotes.

An elderly married couple are at home in their kitchen. The husband is reading his newspaper while sitting at the kitchen table. His wife is sitting in a wooden rocking chair knitting another pair of woolly socks for one of their grandchildren. They have been sitting in silence for some time when the wife looks over to her husband and says: 

"You know Matti, you never say you love me." Matti looks up from his newspaper, thinks about this statement for a minute and then replies carefully. 

"50 years ago, when we married, I told you I loved you. If the situation changes I'll let you know." 

So fudging sweet!!! >w<
I'm smiling after reading the story!

My dearest one, Kimi. I do feel the same. I still love you from the day I fall in love with you. And I will be still loving you now, then, tomorrow, and forever!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

L'Arc~en~Ciel new look and new single!

I have so many posts to make...but this one absolutely came first!

L'Arc~en~Ciel will release a new single on October 12th, 2011!!! The title is XXX (read: kisu kisu kisu). The track list are:
  1. XXX
  2. I'm so happy -L'Accoustic version-
  3. XXX (hydeless version)
  4. I'm so happy -L'Accoustic version- (hydeless version)
XXX..kisu..kisu..kisu...mmm...I really curious how the song going to be...naughty perhaps? X3
And this is just so fudging great!! I can't wait  for the release.
But, sadly I'm going to skip it this time... :D I've planned to buy something on October. The release of this single is like a test for me, but I've made up my mind (also have order the stuff).

And...this is their new look!!! *Q*

Sunday, September 04, 2011

SID new look!

SID shall release a new single this September. The title is [Itsuka].
And for celebrating the release, SID has also reveal their new look.
Here they are:

The single's picture:

Mao-kun looks skinny and a bit manly XP

Aki looks cool! I like his hair style :)

Yuuya looks young, like a young scoundrel! X3

*gulp* Why PINK, Shinji? O_O

Friday, September 02, 2011

New fan fiction story is up! ^^

New fan fiction story is up. Well, I've posted two of them at my LJ. But, the new one is add with picture and prologue so hopefully readers could understand the content of the story.

And here they are:

1. Destiny of The Lovers 2 (Versailles FF)
2. Happy Birthday Yuh! (vistlip FF).
3. Sam Winchester: He's My Brother (Supernatural FF).
4. Dean Winchester: He's My Brother  (Supernatural FF).
5. My Dear (a fans PV story script).

Hope people can enjoys it :)