Sunday, August 07, 2011

vistlip - SINDRA [personal interpretation]

A friend made a great interpretation about SINDRA, the recent single from vistlip. It made me shiver when I read the definition. But, after I think about it again, if the interpretation was true, then it's kinda sad. Since it would mean "attacking" the fans.

So I take time to watch again the video and made my own interpretation. Remember, it's MY OWN INTERPRETATION. I don't know about the real one. I've asked Umi-nii and Yuh..but they didn't answer it *cries*
Well, this is my interpretation about the scene on the video.

First of all, it's very obvious that SINDRA tells about vistlip come back after last year accident, and the scene are there to support the theme. The opening scene when it showed them walking has clearly represented it. It means they have started to walk again.

The scene of each member.
1. Rui with the typewriter. I see it as Rui was ready to type something, either the journey that the band would be making again, song lyrics, music, or the band's plans for the future: lives, tours, interviews, and photos session schedule.

2. Umi with the camera. I see it as a sign that they will be surely active again, and doing photo session is one of the way for it.

3. Tohya and the cake. I see it as a sign they would again have a feast during all their activities.

4. Yuh and the mirror. I see it as Yuh leaving his past (his reflection on the mirror) to start walking again. It can be seen through the scene when Yuh is leaving while his reflection stays inside the mirror.

5. Tomo and the hairdryer. I see it as Tomo is getting ready to get active again. He's dressing himself up and add with the confidence look on his face, he's telling everyone that he's ready.

6. The scene when they watch the fish (Arwana) swim. I see it as if they represent themselves as the fish. The fish keep swimming, because it's what the fish can only do. So, vistlip will still be making music, because it's what they can and want to do.

7. The scene with the moving clock. Well of course it shows that vistlip's time has start to ticking again. They are back and they are ready to start everything again. The moving clock and the five of them in one scene has clear the meaning.

8. The last scene that shows empty room and also empty aquarium. I see it as now they all have going outside to start again the journey. As for the fish, maybe it has also start a new journey on the sea or maybe inside the band's stomach...who knows? (XDD).  

And so, that's my own interpretation about the message in SINDRA. Don't matter is it right or wrong, I made this just to show how I honor and appreciate the band. I love the band. I love them and will always support them.

Ganbatte Five Barkin Animals!

Credits goes to the friend that has share her interpretations, so I can come up with my own (^^v)


Ирина Кривоногова said...

What an interesting interpretation!
Btw, the fact that when Umi takes the photo of the fish but the image appearing at the photo is the image of Umi, supports the theory that the fish represents vistlip. IMO :)

KiRaidesu said...

Thank you so much for reading~

Yes! I was thinking the same. The fish represented vistlip, just swimming around inside the aquarium. Small place.

And when the fish disappeared (to the outside world), vistlip was doing the same, getting out from the "aquarium" to the wide world with their music :)