Monday, August 01, 2011

1 year ago.... [vistlip]

Tomo and Yuh has made a post on July 30th, 2011. The post were quite sad. At first I didn't get it with Yuh's post, he mentioned about "one year...", and Tomo posted that he was crying. EH??? What's going on here?? So I lurked around the net and then found the answer.....

July 30th, 2011 was the one year of the terrible accident that had cost their manager's life. I knew it...they still carrying the broken heart. Well, I can understand that. It must be very hard and shocking for them. My best wishes are with them.

And so I wish I can tell them how they've become precious for me. I've read some interviews about them, sharing info with other fans, seeing their live videos, lurking on their pictures, all of it make me feel amazed with them. They have the spirit, the energy, the skill, the charm, they can make it! I'm sure they can make it! They are the 2nd band who I wanted to watch their live. Their live was so great! Awesome and full of energy! Their best performance are when doing the live!!

I realize I'm going more and more deep with them. I even lost my interest to what I usually like (^^). BUT! It's because they deserve it! They are working hard, and I want to support them in anyway I can. That's why, I'll be putting them second in my favorite voices :)

I love you, guys! I really do. I admire you and this feeling growing deep day by day. I wish I can tell you that. I also hope this and many other messages I've sent can reach you somehow. Hope you know how much your existence are important, not only for me but also to everyone.

Let's walk to the light together :)

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