Thursday, July 21, 2011

The question about age

It's all started with my tweet on Umi-nii birthday:

"Actually I'm older by 18 days from him..."

And the question about my age rushed out (XD).

Seriously, I've stopped my age. I mean I don't know my own age when people asked me. I need to count it first. And also, I'm so lame with counting so it would take few minutes before the number came out (XD).

During college, I was being interviewed by one BIPA student. He asked my age and I answered, "23". He was surprised and so did I (XD). I realize it's not my age! My age was below it that time! He known what class of year I was, and it's no way I have the mention age (XDDD).

I remember thinking what so special with this "23". When I finally reached it, nothing special happen. But, a year later I realize what made me spell the number. I've stopped my age  :) My age never increased. At least, I never increased it (XD). I kept being a 23 years old person since then. No matter years have past, the me then is the me at 23 (XD).

Yesterday when I arrived home, my sister welcomed me with hysterical.
Sister: "Oh My God! I've just counted your age're so OLD! You're *censored*"
Me: "Hah?"
Sister: "I thought you're 26!"
Me: "I'm 23,"
Sister: "Next year you'll be *censored again*"
Me: "No, I stayed 23,"
Sister: "With that age you would have to pick which one,"
Me: "What one? Do you think it's like picking up clothing? Beside I've made my pick, just wait him to pick it up *smiling*"
Sister: *is keep talking by herself without listening to my words*

Sigh....I was also bit surprised to know my real age. I seriously don't feel having it. I'M STILL FEEL 23 (XD)

Just like I said, I've stopped my age :)

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