Saturday, July 02, 2011

My Day

Today is my day aka my birthday. Happy birthday me! (^^)
Can't believe I'm in this age now (won't mention the number). Even so, since I've stop my age, I don't feel that I've grow up till the present age. There's a positive and negative about it. The positive is that I keep feeling young (^^). And the negative is that I don't grow adjusting to my real age.....that includes my feeling and sometimes also the way I think (:D). 

Actually I've been restless since yesterday....but receiving birthday greetings and wishes from my friends, could make me calm a bit. Thank you so much for the people that have greet me happy birthday, and also for the lovely wishes. I'm also truly wishing the best for all of you ^3^ 

I've spend my day by cleaning my inner room. I don't remember when the last time the room get cleaned..all I know I see dust everywhere and it means cleaning for sure. 

It took me half a day to do it. Lame. Well, I was also having nostalgic moment with the things inside the room, that what took me so long.

I was remembering the book I've read; the music I've been listening (and also made important decision for my music TOP list); and the ultimate was remembering my times being a Kimi's admirer, follower, fans, and last...lover. I laugh and giggles when I see and read my notes about him, that time I was so young for sure (XD). My notes were fill with love and imaginations about Kimi. It's funny, hilarious, and also unreasonable. But it didn't ashamed me, because those times what has made me now, a forever Kimi Raikkonen's lover.  

I'm surely suggesting cleaning your room as one way to celebrate your birthday. It's fun and worth it! (XD). It makes me more understand about myself. And so I decide this is my turning point. This is my first step to continue and protect the road I've been walking. Ganbarimasu!! Wish me luck!! 


p,s, It doesn't mean that I wasn't being grateful with all the birthday wishes that have come. But, I was waiting for the greeting from that one person....I guess it's just empty wishing from me (^^)


Linda Tandayu said...

waa~ i didnt know it was your birthday.. gomen! >.<

anyway, happy birthday.. hoping you're always happy ever after and long live.. =D

KiRai said...

Thank you so much! <3