Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 2 of My cousin's wedding celebrations

Day 2: July 10th, 2011.

Day two of my cousin's wedding celebrations was started with a ceremony using traditions from Batak's tribe. The name of the ceremony is "Makobar". It means the elder of the family will give their congratulations and advice for the newly couple's house life. Usually this ceremony took long time since the elder intent to speak without considering the time and no one dare to make them stop (that's why they are called "the elder"). While the ceremony took place, I was waiting outside with my 3rd brother and my nephews, and we went inside when lunch time come (XD).

After the ceremony, we have to wait until at least 4pm before we go to the final celebration, which is the wedding party at 7pm. While waiting, we all took a rest aka sleeping. I had a short but also a  good nap (XP). Then trouble came when the clothing the family were supposed to wear was taken somewhere by my 1st and 3rd brother. They were going out when we're having rest and were very late to get back. The other family were already leaving for the party, while we're still waiting for the clothes. But, I wasn't since I brought my own cloth (^^). The tension was quite high at that time, but luckily it gets calmer when we arrived at the building.

I was amazed with the decorations of the room party. It was awesome! I wonder how much money my cousin spend for all of that. It made me think maybe it's nice to have such kind of party, but a big NO came across when I think about the money. There's no way I would spend my money for that! (XD).

The final ceremony was started with a dancing from Batak's traditions. The dancer picked up the newly couple at the front door and lead them to their chair at the stage. I was amazed with them. They look awesome! Then after the newly couple and the parents sat at their chairs on the stage, second ceremony was started. This time it's a dancing performance with Java traditions. I'm sorry but it was too slow!! I almost get a cramps on my arms when I recorded the performance.

The room was already fill with guest. And they are all waiting for one It's what upset me the most that night. Beside so many people around me, their behavior were also vicious! I can assumed they were coming to the party was for the food! >_<  What happened that night surely remind me why I hate people.... I was so upset that I plug on my ears with earphones and turn on Versailles's songs out loud. It did made me feel better (^^).

We spend the night by lining for food. I don't ate much because I was already tired lining foods for my family. But luckily we did have some good times there (^^). We get home at 9pm. My uncle was looking tired and I was feeling sorry for him. I just want to drag him down from the stage and took him home. He's like a father assembled for me :)

We arrived home at 10pm and I didn't take a bath again. I just washed my face, change my clothes and drop dead to sleep. I was too tired! I was glad I have took day off the next day. I can get good rest :)

Well, not much pictures from this day event. Mostly I took videos. And I was also mostly spending it outside the house and lining for food, so I can't took many pictures.

And so...congratulations again cousin! May you live a happy life forever and ever!

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