Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 1 of My cousin's wedding celebrations

On 8th and 10th of July, one of my cousin held his wedding celebrations. The ceremony was taken place on July 8th, while the party was on July 10th. Believe it or not, though I wasn't do anything much, but it was tiring event (XD).

July 8th, 2011: the wedding ceremony.
Me and the family arrived earlier at the mosque. We wait for a short time since my cousin's house isn't far from there (they are living in the same neighborhood). When my cousin arrived along with the bride, I take my role for the day...being a photographer (XD). Coincidentally, my outfit was in the same color with the hired photographer, so I guess people would think me as one of them and I can walk around freely (XD). I took pictures and was intending to tease my cousin. But he kept bent his head. I think he was deadly nervous, so I decide to let him go this time hehehe

The ceremony went well, and my cousin can said the oath without any trouble, great job!! I was recording the moment when he said the oath, and I was whispering, "Come on, you can do it,". When he finally done it, I clenched my hands and said, "Yes!". I was feeling nervous that he might have to repeat the oath. I don't understand why I was feeling nervous though (I wasn't the one who get married XD).

After the ceremony, it's time for pictures and greetings from the guest. They were all crying and I was saying, "Why are you crying?". I have to hold not to laugh that time (XD). After that, we go to the bride's house to have our meal. We have to wait quite long, since we can't eat before the newly couple done with the ceremony using Java traditions. Me and family were seriously hungry (we're not alone actually), and bought our selves breads and drinks while waiting. Never let a "black hole" family in hunger, NEVER!

While waiting, we had good moments as a family. It's been so long we haven't been together like that, all of us. Well, still minus with few people, but it's far much better to leave them behind though (^^). Don't need a trouble maker in such happy moment.

Then the 2nd ceremony was finally held. It started with a throwing "sirih" between the newly couple. It continued with my cousin's stepping on an egg and then his wife would clean up his feet. Then they entered the house and I don't catch up what happened inside (XD). My sister-in-law (who is a Javanese) said that they would attraction a roasted chicken which the event later gives instruction for their household life. At this point, I saw my uncle with his "costume" and how looking uncomfortable he was. I can truly understand his feeling, since he must be feeling awkward in that suit. He even asked me, "How I was looking? More handsome?" and I said, "Yes! Definitely!". I honestly think that he's handsome :)

After the meal, and after Friday's prayer, the ceremony has finished. We went to my cousin's house to prepare welcoming party for them (sigh..another ceremony). It's turn for Batak's ceremony. The newly couple sat in a special spot and facing the whole family. The spokesman made a short opening and then comes out this strange food like a "kolak". It's made from coconut, brown sugar, and salt. My brothers said it was delicious, but to me the taste was kinda strange (XP). The ceremony was short and the family were then busy talking for the Sunday's event. At that time, we are all going to eat again. Yeah, no stop eating when it came to a celebration within the Batak's tribe (XD).

After the ceremony, me and the family went home. But...on the way home, come out this crazy idea to go to Puncak. What the?? I was quite upset since I was tired and we already have enough of eating! Don't need another to fill my stomach! But, no...they keep insisted and I was forced to come along. Fortunately the way to Puncak was in highly jammed, so we turn back. But, it doesn't stop the wishing to have dinner. So we have dinner and I was really regret for eating...I was feeling nausea....

When we arrived home, I was quickly drop dead. I didn't take a shower and just change my cloth and went to bed. I was already thinking about Sunday. I believe it will be far more tiring than this 1st day.

Anyway...congratulations for the newly couple! May you live happily ever after :)

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