Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy 5th Anniversary (^3^)

It’s the 5th year since I give the pledge. And through those years, my feeling has been ups and downs.

My feeling was down when I can’t see him, when I don’t know where he was and what he’s doing. I felt he’s being drag away from me, that I would lose him. Though I tried to keep up with the world he’s living, but I still know nothing.

Still, I love him so much. When I finally see him, the love was born again. The love become new again and I’ve fall in love with him all over again. I know and realize that I do love him so much.   

Thank you for keep being at my sight, so I can still see you, so I can still feel you around, so I can still love you. I will always love you.

Happy 5th anniversary! ^3^

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Yuh~~~~

Today is the birthday of another vistlip guitarist, Yuh.
Otanjoubi omedetou Yuh-san~~~~

To be honest, I always think that Yuh is the most strange looking member. Even from Umi-nii (^^)
But, sometimes also he can be looking like a royal blood, just like in the picture

And he has a nice smile. a nice laughter, and a nice guitar playing. Yuh-san seems to play soft and high melodies, while the hard and rocking one is Umi-nii's part. I found Yuh-san's tones are quite beautiful. I'm waiting for another great works from him :)

Happy birthday, Yuh-san. Wishing you'll have a long happy and successful live! Wasshoi! ^O^

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RIP Isshi (ex-vocalist of Kagrra)

At the beginning of this week, I get a shocking news. Isshi, ex-vocalist of Kagrra has passed away. He passed away on July 18th, 2011, a week after his death was formally announced. I was surely feeling surprised with the news. Ishhi seemed to be doing okay, he's not sick. Also, after Kagrra disband, Isshi has been making new project as a solo artist. He's making a new journey. His sudden death can only mean one thing on my mind: suicide.

But, the true caused of his death hasn't been reveal or maybe it won't ever be reveal. That's fine with me. I don't care the caused of it, since whatever it is, it won't change the feeling. Isshi won't be around anymore.

To be honest, I'm not a faithful listener of Kagrra. Yes, I like their music, their style, and of course, I like Isshi's voice. But, I haven't known much about them and their music. Even so, I still feel the lost. I'll pray for his soul, may he can rest in peace. I'll pray for his family and friends, may they all can be strong through the hard days. It's so sad to lost someone because of death. But, like a friend once said on twitter, "It (death) will surely come, we can only hope it won't be that soon,". Yes, it will come to everyone of us. So, let's just live the best we can before the time come. I think Isshi has done that, he has live the best he can.

Rest in peace, Isshi. Sayounara.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

[About] vistlip

I know I should have made this post before the band celebrate its 4th anniversary. But, it’s better late than never (^^). And here’s some short review about their history that I manage to get from Wikipedia and some fans blog.

The story started when Tomo (vocal), Rui (bass), and Yuh (guitar) were thinking to made a new band. Then they contacted Umi (guitar) to join them. At first, Umi was uncertain though the three has shown “Edy” to him. Even so, the three were very confidence that Umi would join them in the end. The confidence become reality, Umi joined them and also brought Tohya (drums). The complete member was finally formed on July 7th, 2007. 

The members:
  • Tomo (13/1/1986) – vocal, is the most usual looking member (XD).
  • Rui (15/10/1985) – bass, is the most good looking member (:3).
  • Umi (20/7/1983) – guitar, leader, big brother, is the most scary looking member (^3^).
  • Yuh (28/7/1983) – guitar, is the most strange looking member (XD).
  • Tohya (3/1/1986) – drums, is the most cheerful member (^^).

Yuh has explained about the origin of the name, “vistlip”. It’s a combination from “vista” and “lip”. I guess the meaning is “beautiful words from the lip”? (XD). Yuh also has said it firmly that the name must write in lower caps. If not then it won’t suit with the combination. The “t” is the separator between the two words. Oh my, Yuh is being so artistic with the name just like with his signature. At “Gather to the Theater” backstage documentary, Yuh has shown his signature that can be read “yuh” upside down. He said, “Sugoi ne?” and I was agreeing with him, “Yes, it’s super sugoi!” (XD).

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Nii-san!! (part 2)

I accidentaly found the site:

It's a site where we can make our own video trailer. It's a short one though, only 30 seconds. But, this only for free account. If you want more time then you have to pay money (obviously XD).
The 30 seconds also depend on the song we used. The faster the song, the faster the video will be.
I've tried it and I'll say it's quite satisfying!! (XD).

This is the video I've made. It still celebrating Umi-nii birthday! (XD)
Hope people enjoy it as I surely do!

Umi-nii~~~~~ XD

The question about age

It's all started with my tweet on Umi-nii birthday:

"Actually I'm older by 18 days from him..."

And the question about my age rushed out (XD).

Seriously, I've stopped my age. I mean I don't know my own age when people asked me. I need to count it first. And also, I'm so lame with counting so it would take few minutes before the number came out (XD).

During college, I was being interviewed by one BIPA student. He asked my age and I answered, "23". He was surprised and so did I (XD). I realize it's not my age! My age was below it that time! He known what class of year I was, and it's no way I have the mention age (XDDD).

I remember thinking what so special with this "23". When I finally reached it, nothing special happen. But, a year later I realize what made me spell the number. I've stopped my age  :) My age never increased. At least, I never increased it (XD). I kept being a 23 years old person since then. No matter years have past, the me then is the me at 23 (XD).

Yesterday when I arrived home, my sister welcomed me with hysterical.
Sister: "Oh My God! I've just counted your age're so OLD! You're *censored*"
Me: "Hah?"
Sister: "I thought you're 26!"
Me: "I'm 23,"
Sister: "Next year you'll be *censored again*"
Me: "No, I stayed 23,"
Sister: "With that age you would have to pick which one,"
Me: "What one? Do you think it's like picking up clothing? Beside I've made my pick, just wait him to pick it up *smiling*"
Sister: *is keep talking by herself without listening to my words*

Sigh....I was also bit surprised to know my real age. I seriously don't feel having it. I'M STILL FEEL 23 (XD)

Just like I said, I've stopped my age :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Nii-san!!

Happy birthday to my nii-san~~~~
That is... Umi from vistlip!! (XD)

Actually I'm older 18 days from him (^^). But, I feel he has the aura of a "brother". That's why he becomes my "nii-san" (XD)

Happy birthday Umi-nii! I'm truly wishing you the best!
May you can lead your brothers into the bright future. I believe you can!
May you will always be happy! And hoping to see you smiling more often :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Master!

Happy birthday to the master, Kamijo-sama.
May you always live happily ever after with the roses blooming beautifully around you.


Monday, July 18, 2011

"Nii-san" fingers

I've change my profile picture on twitter. Gomen ne Yukkie-kun (:D)
And whose fingers is this??

Anggi-chan asked whether it's Yukkie-kun's fingers. But, nope~~~ sorry it isn't Yukkie-kun's.
It's my "nii-san" fingers (X3)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 2 of My cousin's wedding celebrations

Day 2: July 10th, 2011.

Day two of my cousin's wedding celebrations was started with a ceremony using traditions from Batak's tribe. The name of the ceremony is "Makobar". It means the elder of the family will give their congratulations and advice for the newly couple's house life. Usually this ceremony took long time since the elder intent to speak without considering the time and no one dare to make them stop (that's why they are called "the elder"). While the ceremony took place, I was waiting outside with my 3rd brother and my nephews, and we went inside when lunch time come (XD).

Day 1 of My cousin's wedding celebrations

On 8th and 10th of July, one of my cousin held his wedding celebrations. The ceremony was taken place on July 8th, while the party was on July 10th. Believe it or not, though I wasn't do anything much, but it was tiring event (XD).

July 8th, 2011: the wedding ceremony.
Me and the family arrived earlier at the mosque. We wait for a short time since my cousin's house isn't far from there (they are living in the same neighborhood). When my cousin arrived along with the bride, I take my role for the day...being a photographer (XD). Coincidentally, my outfit was in the same color with the hired photographer, so I guess people would think me as one of them and I can walk around freely (XD). I took pictures and was intending to tease my cousin. But he kept bent his head. I think he was deadly nervous, so I decide to let him go this time hehehe

Thursday, July 07, 2011

My tanabata wishes

Today is Tanabata day
What I wish on Tanabata's day?
This is my wish:


Saturday, July 02, 2011

My Day

Today is my day aka my birthday. Happy birthday me! (^^)
Can't believe I'm in this age now (won't mention the number). Even so, since I've stop my age, I don't feel that I've grow up till the present age. There's a positive and negative about it. The positive is that I keep feeling young (^^). And the negative is that I don't grow adjusting to my real age.....that includes my feeling and sometimes also the way I think (:D). 

Actually I've been restless since yesterday....but receiving birthday greetings and wishes from my friends, could make me calm a bit. Thank you so much for the people that have greet me happy birthday, and also for the lovely wishes. I'm also truly wishing the best for all of you ^3^ 

I've spend my day by cleaning my inner room. I don't remember when the last time the room get cleaned..all I know I see dust everywhere and it means cleaning for sure. 

It took me half a day to do it. Lame. Well, I was also having nostalgic moment with the things inside the room, that what took me so long.