Thursday, June 09, 2011

Vistlip - SINDRA

June's excitement is start by the release of SINDRA, new single from Vistlip. Finally after the accident, Vistlip has made their come back by releasing this new single on June 1st, 2011. Like always, the single has three types. But, I would only review about the songs and not the content of each types :3 

The songs are: 
1. Sindra
2. Chapter: ask
3. B. P. M. Direction
4. July VIIth [re:birth]
5. Sindra (inst.)
6. Chapter: ask (inst.)

First of all I'd like to say: "Okaerinasai~~~~~~". Finally Vistlip is back!! I've been waiting for ages! ^^ I was very excited when I heard the news and now I'm still excited listening to the songs. Each of it are great! 

Sindra PV is also great. I take my words back when I said it's kinda usual, but after I watch the full version, it isn't usual at all. The video and the song are really suit to be their welcoming back song :) The beginning of the video, when their feet were walking, somehow it touched me. Somehow it's telling that they are making their way again together. And the song is very energetic! It's so them! (p.s. Umi is looking so fudging great!! X3)

Chapter: ask. It's kinda slow than Sindra. But it still feel rock! I still can sense the power from the instruments and Tomo's voice. It still feel rock. The music is great, the tone is great. I don't know what else I would say XP 

B.P.M. Direction. Vistlip is back. This song confirms that. Again, I can feel the power from the instruments, the voice, and the roars XD Yeah, the roars are also back XD 

July VIIth [re:birth]. It's the song that make me surprised. The new version is as good as the old one, though the new feels more gentle and catchy (but still rocking). I can't decide which one is better since I can use the songs for two different situations: the old one for rocking feeling and the new one for catch the catchy feeling XP 

Sindra (inst.) & Chapter: ask (inst.). The instrumentals are taste the same as the songs. So, it's great! ^^ 

Feuh... over all, I'm very satisfied with Sindra. The songs is just like what I've expected from them. My favorite? ALL!! ^O^ Good job, guys! You've made it! Congratulations! So happy that you are back! And good luck for the lives! Ganbatte!! 

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