Friday, June 10, 2011

Moon Stream new look

The new look of Moon Stream makes me.....urgh.... I can't find what words to say....I just LOVING IT!! ^3^
Both Satsuki and Tomo are looking awesome! They are going to do their first debut at Kintoki con on this June 17th. I wish I can be there.... I really wish it TwT Once I see Satsuki's picture while he's giving autograph at one event, and I was wondering when I have the chance to meet him?

Anyway... this is the new look of Moon Stream!

Aren't they looking awesome?!! *O* I'm loving it!!
Also, Satsuki's pose somehow make me have nasty thinking XD
No~~ They are good friends. Nothing more!! (too

Recently they also have post video comment for their event at Kintoki con. They were also taking some pictures... and at one shoot Satsuki was almost kiss Tomo! It made me almost scream out loud!!! Bad Satsuki! X3

Because of them, I was feeling happy lately. Both can be follow through twitter account. Satsuki's twitter is: @Satsuki_Rociel and Tomo's twitter is @TomoAsaha. I've tweet them several times, but they haven't replied me. Oh well... It doesn't matter. I'm way to happy to read their tweets and enjoy my time giggling when they started to tweet each other XD (hope they aren't sit next each other when doing that).

Tomo also has an official facebook page. It's one reason why I'm quite glad I made an account there. Tomo often interact with his fans there. We poked each other!! XD I tell you, he's the nicest musicians I've ever seen! He's so nice and so sweet! I can see how he cherish his fans. That's what made him a great musicians :)
Satsuki also has his facebook page, but I'm not truly sure it's the real him though some fans are. Well, official or not, it makes me happy to share the excitement there :)

June 17th is still next week. I can't wait to listen their work. They said they're making new songs. I'm eagerly to know what kind of work they will do. One thing I'm sure... It will be awesome!!

"Take me to the moon and never go back!"

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KiRai said...

I can't believe this.... Just after I made this post, Satsuki replied my tweet!! HURRAY!!!!

I would cry if I can...

He said he will go to sleep. So I tweet him, "Rest well. Sweet dreams!". And he replied, "Oyasumi ^^".

I instantly feel I would get crazy! I feel I can't breathe. I really feel that! I can't breathe! My heart beat faster, even until now...

And this happiness hasn't end... Satsuki suddenly show up saying, "Awoke". I was still at office and quickly tweet him, "What do you do when you're get awake? Can't go to sleep again?".... AND HE REPLIED ME!!! "No, I must make song and make lyric from now".

I'm successfully drop dead!!!
I always feel he's a nice person! And now I've become more sure about it. He's so nice~~~~~~

Satsuki-san~~~ Thank you so much for this happiness!! Thank you so much!!