Tuesday, June 28, 2011

@Gelar Jepang UI (June 25th, 2011)

I went again to this year Gelar Jepang UI (GJ – UI). This time I went there with my nephew, Zufar. I’ve also meet some friends there. And I can say, this year event was so exciting, happy, and fun! I’m glad I can make it to come this year.

This annually event was held by the scholars from UI Japanese Program. The event will have everything about Japan, such as music, anime, merchandise, clothing, toys, and of course food. This year, I spend more on food (XD).

the crowd

Zufar and I tried Ramen, Takoyaki, and Okonomiyaki. All were oishii!! First of all we ordered “Jigoku Ramen”, literally it means ramen from hell. And “hell” was represented by the hot from chilies!! It’s so spicy!!! I was worried Zufar would have stomach ache if he ate too much chili, but he said he was fine and ate it all by himself. He left some for me to try, and that’s also I’m the one who asked. If not, I bet he doesn’t remember that the ramen was for both of us (^^;).

Jigoku Ramen

Next food was Takoyaki. My number one and will always be my most favorite Japanese food. The queue was so long!!! But it was tanoshii oishii!! I bought one box and Zufar was thinking he would have one box for himself, but sorry kiddo the price was quite expensive if I get each for us (:D). The takoyaki was as delicious as I’ve expected but too bad the seller isn’t quite friendly. Gladly I wasn’t in the mood to get annoyed….


Then it’s time for Okonomiyaki. They said it’s a Japanese Pizza. They use egg and vegetable like cabbage in it, and also squid or beef. I don’t know it the one at the event is the real okonomiyaki or is it the Indonesian version. I haven’t tried one before so I was quite anxious. And when I finally ate it….the taste was usual (:D), Zufar also feel the same. I don’t know if it’s because we already full with previous foods we’ve ate.


We bought some things at the event, Zufar did. He bought a watch with design of Kakashi’s Sharingan eyes. He always wanted that kind of watch, the watch that was similar design with mine (^^;).

the watch

I bought him Naruto’s sleeping hat. It was cute! I think I should have bought one for me too (XP). I wanted to bought him an Akatsuki’s jacket, but he wants the long one that Tobi’s (character) wearing. Sorry again kiddo, the price is too high for my budget (:3). 

nephew wearing Naruto's sleeping hat

I bought a Japanese calligraphy writing for my name. It was written on a piece of board. The seller is an active and quite funny old man. I regret I didn’t take picture with him….I was also looking for alarm watch and a hat. But I can’t find the one that satisfy me.   

my name

Then we took pictures at the Sakura’s bridge. The sakuras were made from papers though; it’s not the real one. But it’s beautiful. We took pictures there with the help from Shenta-chan. And when I see the pictures, I really realize how I was looking so manly and…big (:D).

sakura hime (^^)


I also want to take pictures at the Tanabata’s road. But it was too hot. I also want to tie up my paper wish there, but mostly was written in Japanese. I don’t know where I can ask people to write my wish in Japanese. What is my wish? I want to wish for Satsuki’s success with his new project (:D).

Tanabata road

After spending times at GJ, we went to Kansas to do Zuhur prayer and eat properly food at KanSas (Kantin Sastra). I also have a meeting with Mia and Fitri there. They want to give me gifts they’ve bought on each journey. Mia was back from her father’s hometown, Kupang and she brought me a hand craft of local traditional music instrument and also local coffee. While Fitri was back from her meeting at Padang and I get T-Shirt and also a coffee. I’m so lucky! I’m so happy! Thanks a lot guys! (<3). While Zufar and I waiting for both of them to come, we ate bakso! (XD). Zufar is definitely the little black hole! He hasn’t felt full with all the food we’ve ate! He also has made me broke (>_<). Then we spend some times before going home by taking pictures around the faculty. It was fun and hilarious!

Another lunch (^^;)

Omiyage aka gifts :3 

Temple's miniature at my faculty 

Yeah, this year event was exciting! I also get a copy of Janne Da Arc 2005 live dvd from Naito-kun. Though I haven’t watch it and also don’t know when I would watched it (:D). I felt tired when I get back, but the happiness has made me less feel it. Three words to describe the feeling for this event (and also the day): exciting, fun, and happy. My stressed have been lift up a bit, thanks for everything guys! And for sure thank you Allah for I can still have this kind of happiness (^^).   

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