Tuesday, June 28, 2011

@Gelar Jepang UI (June 25th, 2011)

I went again to this year Gelar Jepang UI (GJ – UI). This time I went there with my nephew, Zufar. I’ve also meet some friends there. And I can say, this year event was so exciting, happy, and fun! I’m glad I can make it to come this year.

This annually event was held by the scholars from UI Japanese Program. The event will have everything about Japan, such as music, anime, merchandise, clothing, toys, and of course food. This year, I spend more on food (XD).

the crowd

Monday, June 13, 2011

Strange dream of L'Arc~en~Ciel

I've had a very strange and bizarre dream about the rainbow boys aka L'Arc~en~Ciel.

My dream started when I saw yukkie inside a car. I was thinking where he might be going (I didn't forget to be a fan girl with looking at him intensely).
Then suddenly, the set changed. I was being inside a car. Yukkie was on the left side, sleeping with his ears being plugged with earphones. I was sitting on the right and was pressing buttons at my cell phone. (then I know this is a dream because there's no way I can be that calm being close with yukkie).

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Back Fetish

I just find the name from Anggi-chan X3 
And it's true! I have a back fetish! I never thought it's a some kind of fetish. 
I like to see people's back and somehow I'd like to hug or jump over it :D 
But, of course it's not anyone's back.....

Here's the back I'd love to hug and jump over ^^

Friday, June 10, 2011

Moon Stream new look

The new look of Moon Stream makes me.....urgh.... I can't find what words to say....I just LOVING IT!! ^3^
Both Satsuki and Tomo are looking awesome! They are going to do their first debut at Kintoki con on this June 17th. I wish I can be there.... I really wish it TwT Once I see Satsuki's picture while he's giving autograph at one event, and I was wondering when I have the chance to meet him?

Anyway... this is the new look of Moon Stream!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Vistlip - SINDRA

June's excitement is start by the release of SINDRA, new single from Vistlip. Finally after the accident, Vistlip has made their come back by releasing this new single on June 1st, 2011. Like always, the single has three types. But, I would only review about the songs and not the content of each types :3 

The songs are: 
1. Sindra
2. Chapter: ask
3. B. P. M. Direction
4. July VIIth [re:birth]
5. Sindra (inst.)
6. Chapter: ask (inst.)

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Glamorous Sky (lyric)

Glamorous Sky -English ver.-

I could have seen the other side
Taking a step into the sky,
Ah, I’m always late

I could’ve done the same routine
Showing the old and golden scene
I’m lying again, to make them go
Wearing again my rocking shoes
Over the puddles made of tears
Flash back, I know you’re clever
I remember

I know we could cross over rainbows
I wish that we could aim the sun again
I know we could dream for tomorrow
To share the long forgotten glamorous days


I could have done a lot for you
Nothing was left for me to do
Ah I’m always late, I let you g
You always said it’s rock ‘n roll
Life is battle, fight and grow
Flash back, I loved your flavour
I remember

I know we could shine like the starlight
I wish that we could aim the sky again
I know we could dream for tomorrow
To share the long forgotten glamorous days
Ah glamorous days..

I won’t be sleeping!

Sunday, monday, and another Tuesday
Wednesday, Thursday you’re still away
Friday, Saturday, i’ll be lonely everyday
And then crying high up to the moon
And I somehow hope to hear you cry

I know I could fight all the troubles
If only I could stay there on your side
I know I should dream on my own now
To chase the long forgotten glorious days

I know we could cross all the rainbows
I wish that we could aim the sun again
I know we could dream for tomorrow
To share the long forgotten glamorous days

Glamorous sky..

KiRai's Note: 
Another awesome song from HYDE. I like this version than with Mikashima-san version :D The reason is simple, because it's HYDE. He is just simply awesome!

Friday, June 03, 2011

Happy Birthday Kohta-san!

Today is the birthday of Angelo's bassist, Murata Kohta.
Happy birthday, Kohta-san! Wishing you the best for the future. Hoping for your next great works. Hoping and wishing you will always be happy and always get along with your brother, Kirito. (^^)

Happy birthday, Kohta-san!!

p.s. It's Kohta-san's birthday and I'm the one who get special present! Kirito-san has reply my tweet about Kohta-san's birthday! I tweet Kirito-san and asked him to send my birthday greetings for Kohta-san... and Kirito-san replied it! He said thanks and he will send my message to Kohta-san. Awesome!!! I'm freaking happy! It's the first time that scary looking man replied my tweet to him. I'm so happy~~~~  Thank you so much, Kirito-san!!