Monday, May 23, 2011

"What is love?"

Can anyone tell me what love is?
Why people say the word but betray it later on?
Is it that easy to say it?

What might happen or maybe has happen (and I don't realize it) make me become more and more can't trust with so called "relationship between human".
How I can trust it when I would just get hurt in the end?
Maybe it would succeed with other people, but now I believe it won't work with me.

I'm not intent to sound cocky, but if I say the words it means exactly the same with it. I say it not only by lips but also with my heart. I won't say it just to banned it. I'd better not to say it from the first place.

Also, I don't said it just to be nice, or to reply someone kindness. If I do so, I know I would just hurt the person I've said the words. I know this because I've experience the same thing. I received the words and found out later that's only to reply what I've done, that the person was just being nice to me.

You know what I feel that time? I was angry! Then came sad, disappointment, and betrayal. I was feeling betray. It sucks and I get really upset and annoyed for several times.....
And now I'm feeling the same thing again, though this time more to disappointed. I thought I would feel okay, since it's not the first time... But I was wrong, it still feel hurt. It surely still feel hurt.

So, what is love?

For me, love is a feeling that come from the heart and I would also give it from my heart. It's a special and precious feeling. It's not a toy or something to make fun with. Also the word isn't something as simple as coming out from the lips. The meaning is as deep as the place where it comes from.

And what is love for you? *yeah, I'm pointing at you*

BGM: "What is love?" from L'Arc~en~Ciel.

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