Sunday, May 08, 2011

Special surprised gifts

I get a special surprised from Uly. I never think I would receive such beautiful and great gifts. She makes me very happy with the gifts. I'm blushing!! ^^

Anyway...wanna know what gifts she gave me? Wanna know what make me almost cried in hysterical? Wanna know what make me passed out over and over? (^^:)
Here we go!!

The Gifts

 hyde's side

Mao's side


The boys


And that's the beautiful gifts Uly has gave me. I'm very surprised and very very happy! I was also laughing hard seeing Kiyo there XD And where's Kimi?? Well, I think Uly only want to include the J-Rock's artist. I think Kimi won't mind with that XP

Earlier, Anggi-chan has show me a page about a fan who has received her Five Live Archives 2 (FLA2) dvd. Both of us were feeling envy with her. The dvd case was awesome! The owner has post every sideof the case, to show how great it is. So, I imitating her with this post ^^ (though the photos aren't that clear).
I know the FLA2 is wonderful, but for me...these gift from Uly is also amazing. She really know what I like :) I can't stop looking at it. I won't ever use it. I don't want it to get broken. I'll keep it as one of my precious things!
Now I put the mug beside my bed. I can greet hyde, Mao, and Kiyo in turns before I go to sleep XD

It's true...that when you ask what's needed to live happily...the answer is having a good friend will be enough. And I'm glad I have good friends around me. That's what I mostly feel grateful :)

"Though only for a short time , a friend can become the light in the dark night" (quote from a manga).  


Anonymous said...

Hey we're here...

Cool, aren't they? Wait until I've uploaded mine ^^

Uly said she's touched :') Aww... We just want to show how sweet she is <3


KiRai said...

Yes, please upload them soon ^^
I'm glad Uly likes it. I can only do this to reply her greatness :)