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Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: Mairu!!

This post will be my long post about one Super Sentai Series: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. Yes, it's my most favorite sentai series that I've watched over and over for so many times! Not mention I keep repeating my favorite episodes via nettie XP I love this series from the first time I read the review on a magazine.

What I like from the series:
  1. The story
  2. The character
  3. The returns of Red Ranger leading role XP 
Actually the story is a common one, the fight between good (the rangers) and evil (the enemy). But the way the story goes make the entire series really interesting and worth to watched!

The main story is about Shiba Takeru (Shinken Red) with his four followers: Ikenami Ryuunosuke (Shinken Blue), Shiraishi Mako (Shinken Pink), Tani Chiaki (Shinken Green), Hanaori Kotoha (Shinken Yellow), who are fighting the evil delivered by the devil called, "Gedoushu". The main task for Shinkengers are to keep the gedoushu at the other side, and prevent them to come to the human world and fill it with the water from Sanzu River. Sanzu river is a river name at the other side world.

And here's the other element of the story:

The Shinkengers are fighting under Shinke Red lead. But Shinken Red isn't only their leader, but also the lord. Yes, Shinkenger uses the "Samurai" theme of Lord and followers during their duties. They not only have to protect the world and the human, but they also have to protect their lord because he's the one who can seal the gedoushu main general, Chimatsuri Doukoku.

Shiba Takeru

At first, Takeru can't get along very well with his followers. He doesn't want to involved the four in the fight. He mostly can't get along with Chiaki who refused being polite and obedient like Ryuunosuke and Kotoha, while Mako comfortly put herself with her big sister position. But Chiaki then understands that Takeru really has the power and qualifications to be their leader and also the lord. He promises himself to get stronger and beat Takeru someday. Also, Mako slowly understands the reason why Takeru being such a cold lord and always making distance with the rest of them. Mako knows that deep inside, Takeru is a warm heart person. While Ryuunosuke and Kotoha are willing to give everything they got for Takeru, but that's also what burdens Takeru.

Takeru and Chiaki
Takeru and Ryuunosuke

Mako and Takeru
Takeru and Kotoha

Then came along to the group, Umemori Genta as Shinken Gold. Genta is Takeru childhood friend and also actually there's no Shinken Gold. Genta is a genious that create his own morphing devices and his robotic devices using a disc Takeru gave him before they were apart. Genta insisted to join the Shinkengers, not only to protect Takeru but also to fullfil his childhood promise with Takeru. Though at first Takeru refused Genta, but he finally accept Genta to fight with them.

Genta and Takeru

Beside Doukoku, Takeru also have another opponent, Juuzo, who is eagerly wanting to have a sword fight with him. Takeru won the first fight (though at first Ryuunosuke objected him to have the fight). Takeru also won the second fight, after he get his concious back by his followers words. His followers are also realizing the hard burden Takeru's carry: fighting gedoushu, sealing doukaku, and facing Juuzo. Takeru's life has many times being target for assasins. And his followers have to work hard to protect him.

But beside the fighting, the Shinkengers are also having happy times together. They get to know more about each other. Until then the truth reveal....the true reason why Takeru act so cold and keep the distance with all of them.

The story ended with bitter sweet. The Shinkengers beat Doukoku and successully protect the human world. But as their duties end, they all have to leave the mansion and also their lord. The Shinkengers are back to their normal life before they were called to battle. They will live normally until their lord calls them back for duty.

That's all for the story resume. If I continue, it would take pages XP I hope I already make anyone reading this post curious with the story XD I know I haven't make the best with it, I only focus on what I feel. But! I assure you, the complete story is great! You won't get disappointed! I'm surely not :)

I always like "Samurai" theme, the lord and followers theme really attract me. That's why I feel really interested with this series. And I'm happy I can watch the complete series, even with the many side story about them. Beside the regular series, Shinkengers also have a versus movie, special movie, coming back movie, and special appearance in a kamen rider series. That prove how very popular this series is. The lists are:

1. Shinkenger the movie: The Fateful War
This movie still has connection with the regular story line. On this movie, Takeru gets new weapon that he used in one of the regular episodes.

2. Shinkenger vs Go-Onger
The joint fight between Shinkenger and Go-Onger. Both enemy were also joining to fight them, though the main opponent is still the Go-Onger's enemy.  

3. Goseiger vs Shinkenger
It happens after the end of Shinkenger fight. Takeru had to call back his followers for duty because the gedoushu are coming back. He meets up with Alata (Goseired) and his companions. Together they fight facing Bladerun Chimatsuri who wanted to fill Gosei world with water from Sanzu River. Takeru was shown to act more gently to Alata, and act as a big brother for the red angel. So very different when Takeru meets Sousuke (Go-onred). 

4. Special DVD movie: The Light Samurai's Surprise Transformation
Special story starring Genta (Shinken Gold) and Takeru. Genta felt sorry for a nanashi renjyu that telling he's escaping from the othe world because of the hard work he has to do. Genta believes in him and take him to see Takeru. But, Takeru doesn't believe what the Nanashi Renjyu said and warn Genta about it. In the end, the truth is reveal and Genta change into Super Shinken Gold and beat the traitor nanashi renjyu.

5. Come Back! Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Special Act
Shinkenger starring in various shows. It's a doing of their enemy, and make them travel around dreamy world. The dreamy world seem to be real and the Shinkenger are acting as various character. With the help of Jii and the aware of Takeru, they manage to escape the dreamy world and beat the monster. This one is funny, though I don't like the girl's version of Tono-sama....Who the hell make him wear those cloth?? Tono-sama, you should have slash that person!! >_< 

I share the same feeling with the other fans when this series ended....sad. I still want to see them act since they all making me laugh, especially Ryuunosuke. The interaction make me laugh and feel the warmth of a family :)

That's all for this post ("that's all"?). Later on, I will also post my fan fictions about them ^^
And now just like Shinkengers said at one of their movie ending, "Mata ne~~~~~" XD

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