Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Picture of (Kimi) You

Today at the office, we had a visit from Oxford Press representation. The person is an Italian, and his name is Guiseppe. He can't speak Bahasa Indonesia, so he speaks in English. I can follow him though some words weren't clear to hear. Then I realize how low my ability to speak in English. I may good in written, but I'm absolutely none in talking. That depressed me!! >_<

Anyway, beside of my depression...there's one thing that make me interested with Guiseppe. He has blue eyes!!! It's so blue! And it's for the first time I ever see someone with blue eyes like that. I usually saw it from pictures. And his blue eyes remind me of...KIMI! I can't take off my sight from him, because I was imagining Kimi was in front of me, talking and looking at me with his deep blue eyes.....

But after the hysterical...I realize...Kimi's eyes are green aquatic...it's not blue :D

For the truth, each time I saw a foreigner on the street, I would instantly thinking of Kimi. Just what happen when I saw a foreigner standing at the side of the street, waiting to crossed the street. The foreigner was so huge when compared to local people. And I was thinking, maybe I was like that when compared with Kimi. I was also walking not far from the foreigner when he crossed the street, and again I was thinking, "maybe this is what it felt when I walk beside Kimi". I'm crazy, I know XD

Kimi's picture is always on my mind. Just like my heart that naturally love him, my mind will always fill with him :)

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