Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One day at Charlotte

Finally... Kimi has complished his first try of NASCAR on May 20th, 2011. And the result he's finishing in 15th place!! It's a really awesome result for him! He has never done the race before, only 2 free practices. And of course that can't be compared with the real race. But, he get praises even only with the free practices result. The team saying that they were amazed and that Kimi has done great job. They don't need to do too much tests, because Kimi has fulfiil their expectations.

Kimi is always amazed people everywhere he goes! :) 

I get all the updates, result, and pictures of Kimi's NASCAR race from the fans community on Facebook and the KRS family. They are so fudging great!! I'm so happy that Kimi is love by so many people! I'm glad I have many eyes to watch over him :)

From the fans also I get some great articles about him. And most are saying about his greatness, attitudes, and the excitement seeing the iceman on oval track. Few people were questioning his cold and silent behaviour, and might think it's a strange thing to have. Will he hold on with that kind of attitude? But for a Kimi's lover like me, that's just the reason why I love him. Kimi is kimi. He will forever like that :)

And about the race, Kimi was being praised for not spun when other drivers with more experiences were doing it ^^ He touched the wall but gladly still can running. And he's also a bit confused with the restart system. But, overall he's doing fine, he's doing okay, he's doing great. HE'S DOING AWESOME!!!

Did I've tell you that I love this guy? ^^


Just like people said, give him anything and he still can goes fast. Just like Kovalainen said, give him a tractor and he will still goes fast. He is the God of speed!

And Kimi would continue his NASCAR adventure this weekend. He will race another series, which I don't understand what series XD Anyway, whatever he does, where ever he goes, I would always keep my support for him :)

"Sometimes he can do acts beyond my imagination, but mostly he act beyond my expectation". It's my personal quote for him, and he is always like that :)

I love this man so much. I really really do!

Congratulation for the result, Kimi! You are truly the best! The greatest one!

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