Friday, May 27, 2011

June release list (update)

This is the last week on May. Next week will be June, the exciting month in history! ^^
I've post the same topic here, and this is the updates. With it then every week on June is releasing day from my favorite artist (except for June 22nd, it's still available ^^).

And here's the June releases with one update,

1. Vistlip new single, Shindra on June 1st.

2. Acid Black Cherry new single, Shoujo no Inori III on June 8th.

Yes! This is the updates for June release. Finally Acid Black Cherry aka Yasu shall release his new single, Shoujo no Inori III on June 8th. The single was supposed to be release on March, but due the earthquake that happened in Japan, they've postponed it. And after been so long without further information, finally the single shall be release now. Yasu also will held his special free live concert for his fans. Through the concert, Yasu wants to thanks the fans for all the support. I wish I can be that lucky fans (TwT). But, I will still give my support to him from far :)

3. Versailles 2nd album, Holy Grail on June 15th.

4. Satsuki new single, Innocent on June 27th.

5 L'Arc~en~Ciel new single, Good Luck My Way on June 29th.

What a month! And it will be start soon, next week! I can't wait! It's so exciting! Wasshoi!! ^O^
Also, I've purchase some from the list :3
The waiting shall begin now~~~

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