Thursday, May 05, 2011

at My best friend wedding

Last Saturday was my best friend wedding, Ochie's wedding. 
I feel relief and happy :)
I'm truly wishing the very best for her happiness. May she and her husband can always be together forever, have lots of children and grand children. Though I can't imagine her being a mother. She would be a crazy mother XD

I pass the wedding ceremony, since I was quite exhausted on Saturday. After I met Anggi-chan at Elex Comic Center, I was round and round 3 Gramedia book store looking inspirations for my works. Well beside that, I was also looking for an upgrade memory card for my cell phone. I want to add the memory so it can store much more music. Sadly, I couldn't find it and then been thinking to buy a hard disk external instead ^^

Anyway, on Sunday, I was also meeting my old friends from Senior High. We have a group back then, SESAD is the name. I would write about it some other time :)
SESAD consist of seven people, which 4 of it has been married. And yesterday, 6 of us had been gather. While one person unfortunately forgot about the day and just woke up when the party begun XD
Villy aka Rumuz (her nickname) is 8 month pregnant. Soon I will have another nephew after Devi's son. Time really goes so fast.Unga aka Jinx also has said that we've been graduate from Senior High since 11 years ago. All of us met at 2nd grade, so it means we've been friends for 12 years. That's amazing! I'm glad through the years, we are still good friends. And I really want us all to keep being friends forever and ever :)

Unga and I agree though years has passed, all of us don't change that much. Some have been married and having children, but they are still crazy people. We even talked at the center of the room, just like during school times. At that time, we were comfortably talking in the middle of the field, being burned by the sun, and we just very late to realize what we were doing XP
On the stage, we all can see how still crazy Ochie was though her husband and mother-father in law were beside her. We can only say, "That's SESAD!"
She's hungry and thristy for standing long greeting the guests. And we all teased her by eating in front of her XD

It's surely fun! And I say it again, I'm feeling so happy! I hate to say good bye, I still want to hang out a bit more. But, I know they are still have things to do, and family to take care of. I also realize one thing indeed change, we can't see each other too often now, not like when we were still single. We also can't hang out too long, there would be a calling from home. The situation have change for sure, but I'm glad not with the people. I know that though we can't see each other too often, we all still be friends. We all are still friends :)

Congratulations to Ochie for her wedding! May Allah swt always bless her! Amen!


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