Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vistlip 2011: New Look and New Single

So glad to get the news. VISTLIP are finally back! Wasshoi!! ^O^

I was looking the news about their live at March 17th, but I found lots more. They are back with their new look and announcing new single release, [SINDRA], on June 1st. Though it's still long, but the covers are already been release. And again with the Vister and Lipper version... :D

And here the new look of them..

I have to put Umi at the end because.....I'm so freaking happy to see him again!!!! XD
Gosh...I don't understand why now Umi is my most favorite member because at first he's the one I fear the most. I feel the aura of "big brother" from Umi, the aura that I like though actually we're the same age ^^
Nii-san also has a twitter account. Now Yuh won't be alone there XP 

Umi or Nii-san is still scary looking, but I think he's looking great. I'm not as scared as before after I seen some videos of him. I think Nii-san is a quiet and serious person. He always stay out from the crowd and only watch the other's craziness. He will quietly smile or laugh. He also like to hide. I don't find many pictures of him, mostly are Rui, Tohya, Tomo, and Yuh (in order). It's a surprise to see Rui takes many pictures of himself...I thought he's the most normal one in the band XP

Along with the new single announcement, there's a video comment from them. Everyone seem to be okay though lot more quiet. Wonder does the incident still affect them? Especially with Tohya, he's looking more calm and he's also looking mature with his new look.
Well, maybe it's my own assumption again. Hope they are really doing fine and well and can get back to their normal musical activities.

I just can't wait!!
Finally I can say: "OKAERINASAI!!!!!"

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