Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The smile on the bus

"I like to see people's smile. So, smile! :)"

That's one of my today's tweet. Yes, I do like to see people smiling. It makes me want to smile too, also it gives warm and pleasant feeling.

There's one man who always having smiling face each time I see him. He's one of the passenger on the morning bus I have been taking.

It quite surprise me when I saw his smile for the first time. I was taking the seat next to him, he looked at me and then he smiles. I smile back and still smiling when I sit. I smile all the way~~~~ XP

For several times, we were riding the same bus, and also for several times we sit next to each other. I come to watched his act, and foound out that he smiles to everyone and everything around him! He really has a smiley face!! I think he has a fun and lively life, so he can always smiling like that. And he shares his happiness with people around him, that's surely nice :)

Just imagine it, in the morning, going to work, thinking of the busy day, works to be done, the long and tiring way to office, the people to meet, the stressed and everything...then you see someone smiling at you. The smiling doesn't have any meaning or intention, just a reflex action. It would give you happiness, right? At least to me it is :)

Thank you for giving your smile every time I see you, mister. I don't know who you are, even I haven't had a single talk with you. But, I do wish you many more happiness so you can still have the smile and share it with me XP

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