Saturday, April 09, 2011

Satsuki's New Project

Satsuki has form a new project together with Tomo Asaha (Echostream). The new project is called "Moon Stream". It's quite obvious...Moon is Satsuki and Stream is Tomo ^^; (personal assumption again).

Anyway....this news excite me. I was hoping Satsuki to release full album though, but at least there will be new work from him. That's make me happy :)
I can't wait to hear the new work. I think Satsuki's music and Tomo's are quite match. They will fit each other. Long time ago I've watched their video message about 2009 Unicon. Both were performing there. And from the video, from their body language...I know there's something fishy between them...they are best friends :D

Moon Stream will held their first debut at Kintoki-Con (Sacramento, USA) in June. It's still long....I can't wait to know what they would present....Hope to see any short preview....

Satsuki has said on his blog about making new video...I thought it would be his video...then maybe it's for Moon Stream..or it's the video he's mention at Kensaku Talk...don't know. Wish I can ask the man himself :D I'm really into him right now >O<

Moon (Satsuki) Stream (Tomo)

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