Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Satsuki New Single: INNOCENT

Finally another good news come from Satsuki.
He will release new single on June 27th, 2011! At the same date, he will have a live to promote the release. Though I was hoping for an album, but it stills feel happy to hear new work from him :)

The single title is [Innocent], and the CD also will have 2 songs.
Satsuki has been updating with the hints through his blog. He said he's making new video and song. I thought it was for Moon Stream. I hope it was for his new work, and the angel has fulfill my wishes :)
I can't wait to see the music video, or at least a sneak preview of it. But until now...none to see >_<
I think the making of the video has been done, since now he's busy practicing for the live.

I also hope he won't release many types of CD...Eh? Does it mean I would purchase it? I want to but I haven't decide yet *kicked out from the moon*
I'm wishing for an album...and this one is just a single...hopefully he won't release an album soon so I would might buy it :D *banned from the moon*

I'm seriously getting into him at the moment. I've been listening to his previous band songs...though I admit that his voice that attract me the most.

I even thinking to buy Satsuki's new single than to Versailles 2nd album which also going to release on June. It's an album!! Why they have to release an album now?? Why they can't wait for another time?? *stamp by Kamijo's high heels* I've said I'm lurking for their new album, but I'm not sure now...I'm confused...as if I have lots money to buy all.... *climb the stairs to the moon* 

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