Friday, April 08, 2011

Satsuki at Kensaku Talk

"I remind you that this writings are based on my personal assumption. I'm glad if it's true, but if it's wrong..please don't sue me. I'm just only a crazy and foolish fans X3"

So I've just finished watching Kensaku Talk with Satsuki as one of the guests. It's a recording. The show was held on April 5th, 2011. Though I don't know what they're talking, but it was fun seeing Satsuki talking, laughing, and smiling~~~ He's so charming~~~~

That angel is so tiny among the other guest and Kensaku. But, he's absolutely the most charming one <3
I also regreting why I don't learn Japanese properly. I would understand their words and can have more lots of laugh >_<
But though I don't understand, I still could laugh along with them XD

So, I think the first talking was about "Angelic" thing that Satsuke resembles. Kensaku and the 2nd guest was laughing (and I think making fun) about it while the show. Satsuki just smiling and laughing. Then Kensaku read some letters for Satsuki from the fans. I think one letter was from an Italian fans. Awesome!!

Satsuki was asked about his liking, and I think Satsuki said he like Sukiyaki. Kensaku and the 2nd guest continue talking about Satsuki's ability in playing violin and drums. Kensaku was acting as he plays violin and then Satsuki was also acting as he playing drums. He's looking so natural doing it. So I believe Satsuki really can play it ^^
Kensaku was praising Satsuki about the violin, and Satsuki was saying that the computer was helping him with it. The 2nd guest quickly said, "Angel use computer too?" They burst in laugh and so was I :D

The talking continues and I think they start to talk about mimicking people (I remember I've read that Satsuki is good with it). The 2nd guest start first and mimikcing a granny. Everyone prasing him. Satsuki says, "Sugoi..sugoi...wakarimasta.." Then Satsuki asked to do the same, at first try no one really understand. They realize when Satsuki said: "Dou desuka?" (XD) Then Satsuki tried for the second time and this time they are laughing (I don't know whether they really understand or not, I just laughing because Satsuki sounds funny ^^;). 

Then more or less Kensaku asked Satsuki about the way he's being called. Satsuki whispered it to Kensaku ears, but then Kensaku said it out loud...."Satchan" or "Sacchan" (XDD) People burst into laugh. So do I! The 2nd guest asked is it okay to said it, but Kensaku ignores him. Kensaku even keep calling Satchan (Sacchan) for the rest of the show. I was laughing hard each time I heard it XD

Kensaku then read another letter that mention "Satsuki-sama", but he still says Satchan (Sacchan), also still making fun of "Angelic" thing. They play the video of Awake (Upper Region Version). I was hoping Satsuki would do a live version though :D

At the ending, Kensaku jumps in to the scene and again making fun of "Angelic" (maybe he said he's flying because he's an angel ^^;). Satsuki also made some announcement about a live show...and I may be wrong...they're talking about his working of a new video...Rosier being mention...also the word anime..and also maybe the anime title that Satsuki might be working (singing) the theme. I'm not sure, that's why I'm very upset I don't learn Japanese more seriously......

Over's a very fantastic show!! Except of I don't understand anything....Satsuki looking awesome and great!! I'm happy to listen his talking and not singing voice. It doesn't differ much, still as amazing as always. He has a man voice!!  (XD) His tone is gentle and sweet. His smile is sweet. His laughter is funny. I'm happy to see him like that! I'm happy to see the now him and not just from picture or video! I'm so happy!!

At the ending also, they take picture together. Kensaku is the one on the right corner. And Satsuki is on his left. Awesome Prince!! ^3^

Well, that's all from me about my exciting day listening and watching Satsuki's talk. I'm happy I can listen to his voice though the picture sometimes don't run. I really like this prince!!

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