Friday, April 01, 2011

The Last Feast

It's another exaggerating post from me :D

Yesterday the little family get out together. "Older brother" aka the old chief was treating us lunch for maybe the last time. Our little happy family had a fun time as always. But, I still feeling sad about all of it. I don't know whether the rest feel the same, or is it I was being exaggerate (as always).

I sat behind "Older brother" whose driving. As far as I remember (I do remember), I always sat behind him. No matter what, when, how, I would always sat there. It made me amazed at some point, for the repeating of coincidence :D

I can watch his big body from the back...and it brought back the memories when me and the other was driven by him. "Older brother" always driven us everywhere and anywhere. It's one thing we have to settle after he's leaving. Who would drive us??

I also remember the times when me and him were going to meet an illustrator. It's just the two of us, and I still can remember what we've talked inside the car that time. My stupid talk. I've post about it long time ago under the label "work", and when I read it again, I still giggles ^^;

I also don't know whether it's just me...but I've been acting strange toward him after he announced his new role. I become awkward each time we're passing each other. And I can see him also being like that.....Wonder why?

I do know why I'm feeling sad about his leaving, not only because of the future of us...but also since I haven't done anything for him. I've decided I would do my best for him, but the fact I haven't done any single thing. I keep messing up, keep troubling him, keep make him disappointed....Even so...I will still do my best for the rest of the family. At least I won't make him worry with us. I'll do my best.

And...I know it's's really weird for sure...I start to miss that big body of his...and also his voice and laughter...I think I'm going crazy.... @_@

Thanks for all this time, "Older brother". Thanks for always supporting me. I'll do my best for everyone. And I hope we can stop being awkward to each other after this, though to be honest it seems difficult to happen XP

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