Monday, April 11, 2011

In the end it (even) doesn't matter: Kimi's Nascar Adventure

Finally it has been confirm. Kimi will start his Nascar adventure on May 20th.
On April 4th and 5th, Kimi has done test for 400 laps. He had the third test at April 6th for 50 laps. The result? The General Manager of the team said, "Splendid job". Kimi is also saying how he enjoy the test and can't wait for the real one. Currently he'll be heading to Jordan for the next WRC event. What a busy man :)

Kimi's picture on Nascar have also been post. It's AWESOME!!



I'm blindly in love with him that I quickly fall to him again ^^
Now I feel it doesn't matter where he want to go or do...I will keep loving him. I do :)
I was just being exaggerate with the sudden news, but I know in the end it doesn't matter...I will still support and loving him. I won't ever won from him.

Seeing him happy and looking awesome at Nascar make me happy and relief. I realize what most important for me, his smile and happiness. As long as he's happy, as long as he's smiling from the heart...I won't care with anything.

There's words that really true in describing Kimi. I copied it from Soren's (FB) words:

"When Midas's hand touch something, it will turn into gold. If Kimi's hand touch something, it will turn to be AWESOME".

I can't disagree with it. It's very true! I'm loving a one awesome and incredible man ^3^

Now, it's a hard task for me. I still haven't understand the rule of WRC and now he's going to Nascar...another learning job for me..which I haven't done :D

Sate...I should have known it...whatever I the doesn't matter. I will always fall in to this man. I will always love him. No matter what. Always and forever.

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