Friday, April 29, 2011

Mata ne!

I know that when there's a meeting, there will always be a seperation, that's life.
Though I don't like seperation at all :)

Iwied, my friend and also one of the co-workers, will leave the office today. She will be having a new journey, new work in a new place. Though I don't understand why she choose the other work than the one she's having now, but I do admire her courage to make the decision. She steps out from what people said, "comfort zone", and it needs guts to do it! I know because I would be thinking hundred times to make the same decision :D

Wonder what she's feeling now?

Excited? Happy? A bit sad because she will leave her friends and the city she's been living? Also maybe scared for not knowing what will happen? But, no human know what will happen in the future. The best thing to do is keep the head high and keep on walking.
Easy to say but not easy to do :)

Anyway, I'm truly wishing the best for her, for her future. Hope she will always be doing fine. Hope she will always be happy, healthy, and success. I'm truly wishing it from the heart :)

It's sad not seeing her at the office again, but we might see each other on the street or maybe on the online world XP
We'll surely meet as long as we're still living under the same sky :)
I won't say "Sayounara". I would say, "mata ne!"
See you some other time! Always keep in touch wherever you are, no matter how far we are, we will always be friend :)

Iwied-san, mata ne!! *waves*

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The smile on the bus

"I like to see people's smile. So, smile! :)"

That's one of my today's tweet. Yes, I do like to see people smiling. It makes me want to smile too, also it gives warm and pleasant feeling.

There's one man who always having smiling face each time I see him. He's one of the passenger on the morning bus I have been taking.

It quite surprise me when I saw his smile for the first time. I was taking the seat next to him, he looked at me and then he smiles. I smile back and still smiling when I sit. I smile all the way~~~~ XP

For several times, we were riding the same bus, and also for several times we sit next to each other. I come to watched his act, and foound out that he smiles to everyone and everything around him! He really has a smiley face!! I think he has a fun and lively life, so he can always smiling like that. And he shares his happiness with people around him, that's surely nice :)

Just imagine it, in the morning, going to work, thinking of the busy day, works to be done, the long and tiring way to office, the people to meet, the stressed and everything...then you see someone smiling at you. The smiling doesn't have any meaning or intention, just a reflex action. It would give you happiness, right? At least to me it is :)

Thank you for giving your smile every time I see you, mister. I don't know who you are, even I haven't had a single talk with you. But, I do wish you many more happiness so you can still have the smile and share it with me XP

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Satsuki New Single: INNOCENT

Finally another good news come from Satsuki.
He will release new single on June 27th, 2011! At the same date, he will have a live to promote the release. Though I was hoping for an album, but it stills feel happy to hear new work from him :)

The single title is [Innocent], and the CD also will have 2 songs.
Satsuki has been updating with the hints through his blog. He said he's making new video and song. I thought it was for Moon Stream. I hope it was for his new work, and the angel has fulfill my wishes :)
I can't wait to see the music video, or at least a sneak preview of it. But until now...none to see >_<
I think the making of the video has been done, since now he's busy practicing for the live.

I also hope he won't release many types of CD...Eh? Does it mean I would purchase it? I want to but I haven't decide yet *kicked out from the moon*
I'm wishing for an album...and this one is just a single...hopefully he won't release an album soon so I would might buy it :D *banned from the moon*

I'm seriously getting into him at the moment. I've been listening to his previous band songs...though I admit that his voice that attract me the most.

I even thinking to buy Satsuki's new single than to Versailles 2nd album which also going to release on June. It's an album!! Why they have to release an album now?? Why they can't wait for another time?? *stamp by Kamijo's high heels* I've said I'm lurking for their new album, but I'm not sure now...I'm if I have lots money to buy all.... *climb the stairs to the moon* 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vistlip 2011: New Look and New Single

So glad to get the news. VISTLIP are finally back! Wasshoi!! ^O^

I was looking the news about their live at March 17th, but I found lots more. They are back with their new look and announcing new single release, [SINDRA], on June 1st. Though it's still long, but the covers are already been release. And again with the Vister and Lipper version... :D

And here the new look of them..

I have to put Umi at the end because.....I'm so freaking happy to see him again!!!! XD
Gosh...I don't understand why now Umi is my most favorite member because at first he's the one I fear the most. I feel the aura of "big brother" from Umi, the aura that I like though actually we're the same age ^^
Nii-san also has a twitter account. Now Yuh won't be alone there XP 

Umi or Nii-san is still scary looking, but I think he's looking great. I'm not as scared as before after I seen some videos of him. I think Nii-san is a quiet and serious person. He always stay out from the crowd and only watch the other's craziness. He will quietly smile or laugh. He also like to hide. I don't find many pictures of him, mostly are Rui, Tohya, Tomo, and Yuh (in order). It's a surprise to see Rui takes many pictures of himself...I thought he's the most normal one in the band XP

Along with the new single announcement, there's a video comment from them. Everyone seem to be okay though lot more quiet. Wonder does the incident still affect them? Especially with Tohya, he's looking more calm and he's also looking mature with his new look.
Well, maybe it's my own assumption again. Hope they are really doing fine and well and can get back to their normal musical activities.

I just can't wait!!
Finally I can say: "OKAERINASAI!!!!!"

Monday, April 11, 2011

In the end it (even) doesn't matter: Kimi's Nascar Adventure

Finally it has been confirm. Kimi will start his Nascar adventure on May 20th.
On April 4th and 5th, Kimi has done test for 400 laps. He had the third test at April 6th for 50 laps. The result? The General Manager of the team said, "Splendid job". Kimi is also saying how he enjoy the test and can't wait for the real one. Currently he'll be heading to Jordan for the next WRC event. What a busy man :)

Kimi's picture on Nascar have also been post. It's AWESOME!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Teru-kun~~~

Today is the birthday of Versailles Guitarist, Teru-kun!
I'm wishing him the best! I'm praying he will be better day by day, minutes to minutes.
May he'll be a great guitarist.
May he'll always smiling and blooming beautifuly just like the roses.
Tanjoubi omedetou, Teru-kun!!


Saturday, April 09, 2011

Satsuki's New Project

Satsuki has form a new project together with Tomo Asaha (Echostream). The new project is called "Moon Stream". It's quite obvious...Moon is Satsuki and Stream is Tomo ^^; (personal assumption again).

Anyway....this news excite me. I was hoping Satsuki to release full album though, but at least there will be new work from him. That's make me happy :)
I can't wait to hear the new work. I think Satsuki's music and Tomo's are quite match. They will fit each other. Long time ago I've watched their video message about 2009 Unicon. Both were performing there. And from the video, from their body language...I know there's something fishy between them...they are best friends :D

Moon Stream will held their first debut at Kintoki-Con (Sacramento, USA) in June. It's still long....I can't wait to know what they would present....Hope to see any short preview....

Satsuki has said on his blog about making new video...I thought it would be his video...then maybe it's for Moon Stream..or it's the video he's mention at Kensaku Talk...don't know. Wish I can ask the man himself :D I'm really into him right now >O<

Moon (Satsuki) Stream (Tomo)

Friday, April 08, 2011

Satsuki at Kensaku Talk

"I remind you that this writings are based on my personal assumption. I'm glad if it's true, but if it's wrong..please don't sue me. I'm just only a crazy and foolish fans X3"

So I've just finished watching Kensaku Talk with Satsuki as one of the guests. It's a recording. The show was held on April 5th, 2011. Though I don't know what they're talking, but it was fun seeing Satsuki talking, laughing, and smiling~~~ He's so charming~~~~

That angel is so tiny among the other guest and Kensaku. But, he's absolutely the most charming one <3
I also regreting why I don't learn Japanese properly. I would understand their words and can have more lots of laugh >_<
But though I don't understand, I still could laugh along with them XD

Friday, April 01, 2011

The Last Feast

It's another exaggerating post from me :D

Yesterday the little family get out together. "Older brother" aka the old chief was treating us lunch for maybe the last time. Our little happy family had a fun time as always. But, I still feeling sad about all of it. I don't know whether the rest feel the same, or is it I was being exaggerate (as always).

I sat behind "Older brother" whose driving. As far as I remember (I do remember), I always sat behind him. No matter what, when, how, I would always sat there. It made me amazed at some point, for the repeating of coincidence :D

I can watch his big body from the back...and it brought back the memories when me and the other was driven by him. "Older brother" always driven us everywhere and anywhere. It's one thing we have to settle after he's leaving. Who would drive us??

I also remember the times when me and him were going to meet an illustrator. It's just the two of us, and I still can remember what we've talked inside the car that time. My stupid talk. I've post about it long time ago under the label "work", and when I read it again, I still giggles ^^;

I also don't know whether it's just me...but I've been acting strange toward him after he announced his new role. I become awkward each time we're passing each other. And I can see him also being like that.....Wonder why?

I do know why I'm feeling sad about his leaving, not only because of the future of us...but also since I haven't done anything for him. I've decided I would do my best for him, but the fact I haven't done any single thing. I keep messing up, keep troubling him, keep make him disappointed....Even so...I will still do my best for the rest of the family. At least I won't make him worry with us. I'll do my best.

And...I know it's's really weird for sure...I start to miss that big body of his...and also his voice and laughter...I think I'm going crazy.... @_@

Thanks for all this time, "Older brother". Thanks for always supporting me. I'll do my best for everyone. And I hope we can stop being awkward to each other after this, though to be honest it seems difficult to happen XP