Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Winchester brother's fan fiction

Long time ago, I've made fan fiction's of the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean. I made it after I watched one episode when Dean was killed so many times over and over.  At the end of the episodes, Sam hugged Dean tightly, relieve that his older brother alive and still be with him. That's the feeling I want to show through the fan fictions. I hope I've done it right :)

I've come to post these fan fictions after Elex Media Komputindo has released the Supernatural novels. I'm reading the first book now, and the second book has been release on March 16th 2011 (in Indonesia). I'm surely going to bought it. The first time I saw the book cover, "Ah!! Dean!!" X3

The novel doesn't re-tell the story on the series. The story is a cross between the episodes, it's an independent story. Even so, it's still Supernatural! And I laugh reading the dialogues between Sam and Dean. I can feel as if I'm watching them through the screen. I know maybe it supposed to be a scary and thrilling novel, but can't help to giggle ^^

Thanks to Elex Media Komputindo that has release the novels. Finally for a bit I can like to read novel . Just like Anggi-chan said, "Dean has changed you" X3

And this my fan fictions of the Winchester Brothers:
Sam Winchester: "He's My Brother"
Dean Winchester: "He's My Brother"


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