Wednesday, March 09, 2011


My feeling right now is like a floating balloon in the sky....

Chief will be no longer with us....

It's not I won't see him again. We will still seeing each other. We will still be in the same office, but different department now.

I won't see him at his usual chair again. I won't see his big and scary body from the back again :D

Actually one thing I fear the most that is if he isn't around our little family will losing it's lead. Since, for this time he's the one who lead us. He has always been like a big brother, the first son that our "dad" really trust. We can depend on him for everything. We can count on him to lead us. After he's gone, I don't know does his replacement could done the same. Can he lead us just like when older brother still around? To be honest, I'm not sure at all.

I know that we're to dependable to him, It's also a wrong thing. But, he has the ability that requires him to do so. He's smart and seem to know everything.

Not only that, Dipa and me agree for several things about him. He's the best boss an employee could ever have. He's kind and generous. He's funny sometimes. Smart, dedicated, understanding, problem solver, always have great ideas, he's just great!!

Yeah, we're really too depend on him...and now I'm feeling like losing my lead....I'm worry....

I know that no one can predict the future. As long as we keep walking, things will be fine. Maybe this is just an early worry. Maybe things will be doing fine after all. We just need to work hard after he's gone. We have to keep holding on. We have to keep believing and don't give up. I'm sure things will be fine then :)

Having some worries especially with the talk I've heard a long time ago about our little family. People would doubt we can make it. I know that, I really know that since he's indeed our front men. I know his ability and that's why I have this worry. The decision maybe can be change by our "dad", but I guess "dad" isn't that kind of man. "Dad" won't do such chessy thing, I might though :D

It make me realize that I haven't grown up at all. I've grown up from the outside, but deep inside I'm still a kid. His leaving make me realize that.

And I also think, I'm not the only one who has the worry. The little family members may have the same feeling. Because, all of us have the same judgement about him. Megane-kun, Nii-san, and jii-san have said quite the same thing. How we can count on our elder brother....

For now...I can only say: "Get up and keep on walking!"
Though to be honest...I'm still worry.... :D

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