Monday, March 07, 2011

The (small) Party

"Too bad it's only a small one,"
Meenk wrote the line as a comment for our little gathering on Saturday, March 5th, at Mbah Jingkrak Depok.

There were only 6 people who'd came to the gathering. I was hoping lot more though. But, it's quite fine. I was glad some people still would come :) Even people I don't expect to come, they show themselves suddenly. It's a sweet and happy surprise. 

It was only the 6 of us: me, Myu, Fitri, Patty, Palpax, and Meenk. But, it was fun! We laugh and talk about life and things happen around us. For a moment I can forget about how hard the life, works, etc. Everything was quite fun until they start to teased about Kimi *sword flashing around*

Oh well, above that teasing....the gathering was indeed quite fun. We spend 3 hours there. We also receive happy news from Meenk. He's going to marry on March 27th. And Palpax seem getting prepared to get marry too. It's boys again...where the girls go?? Thank God, I'm an half XD

For the truth, I was feeling upset about some people before the gathering. But the feeling disappear as I laugh with them. This gathering really give me good feeling. I'm glad I go to this small gathering. I'm glad I still can meet and laugh with them. I'm glad I stii have them as friends. At the time when I lose a friend, this gathering made up my feeling. At least, I can get along with some people. I think so :D

The next gathering maybe would be at Meenk's wedding. Surely many people would come, and hopefully I won't see people that annoy me there. I'd rather not seeing them at all, instead of getting annoy at the party. I know that people would also think the same.

Anyhow, thanks for everything guys! Thanks for the fun times! Thanks for the laugh (and not the teasing). You've make me happy. May you all be bless always!
Love you guys!


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